4 Ways to Do Good When You’re Stuck at Home!

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It’s no secret that doing good deeds makes us feel good. And being stuck at home and feeling miserable doesn’t mean you still can’t make meaningful and valuable contributions that help make the world a better place, while also helping you feel good and pass the time as a nice bonus! It’s always nice to have the excuse to just relax for a little bit, but after a while, some stay-at-home sick activities can get pretty monotonous, even if they are guilty pleasures. (We’re looking at you, three hours of Price is Right re-runs! ;)).

So to remedy the situation we came up with a list of ways you can do good that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside in the comfort of your own home. Of course, these activities can also co-exist nicely with a good daytime TV marathon! Check them out and let us know which ones have you intrigued.

1. Donate to the Red Cross

We all know that Japan was rocked by a huge earthquake in early March and then suffered a devastating tsunami and aftershocks. As the country continues to rebuild, provide aid to survivors and help get them back on their feet. Now is a great time to donate. You might also consider making an unrestricted contribution, in the event that the Red Cross’s donations exceed their ability to help, so they can direct the funds to other parts of the world that are also in dire need.

2. Make a Blanket!

Quilt in Russia. Photo courtesy of Wrap Them in Love

One of the reasons we love this one is because it involves such a thoughtful, personal act. The premise of Wrap Them in Love is straightforward: make and donate as many quilts as possible to needy children around the world. The Washington state-based organization says that recently it’s received quilts from places as far flung as Holland and Australia. As an added bonus, if you’ve never quilted before, it’s the perfect opportunity to take the extra time at home to learn a new skill! 😉

3. Adopt an Animal

White Tiger Photo Courtesy Flicker.com/diatherman
White Tiger courtesy Diatherman (Creative Commons License)

We’ve talked a lot about how being around animals can make us feel better. Well, adopting one in need of a loving home will double that feeling! Find a pet to adopt at AdoptAPet Or, if you’re an animal lover who wants to help endangered animals, or can’t keep an animal in your home, check out the Species Adoption Center on the World Wildlife Fund’s website. The site includes interactive features where you can explore what species we are most related to, facts about all of the animals, and gift sets to help you feel a personal connection with the species of animals you’re adopting!

4. Register with iGive

Online “shop-a-holics” have a great opportunity to turn their fun habit into a good cause. Use the iGive search engine for your shopping research and a penny goes to charity for each search. You can choose your favorite charity, and any time you use the online vendors registered, a percentage of your purchase will go to them. You’ll be literally doing good with a click of a mouse! And though it might not seem like much, think of how many billions of searches are made, and dollars are spent online every year, and how much that could add up if we all registered. So let’s all do a small part and sign up today! 😉

There are as many ways to help out as there are people in the world, but we hope this list offers a good starting point for those thinking how they could fill that at-home-sick downtime with satisfying ways to do some good. Which one of these are you thinking of trying? If you’re already into philanthropy, where do you dedicate your attention?