5 Health and Wellness Applications to Help you Stay Healthy

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These days, someone’s phone may as well be his or her diary. Peek inside, and it’s likely you’ll be able to find out who their friends are (and thanks to camera-phones, maybe even what they look like!), what they do in their free time, their favorite books, music and games. Not to mention, their interest in health and wellness! Are you not the most app-savvy? Fear not – we’re here to help you out. When it comes to health and wellness, here are the apps that get our vote for keeping you in tip-top shape!

You don’t have to be officially “on a diet” to find this app super-helpful. Fooducate calls attention to the nutritional value of foods that you eat all day, beyond simply tallying up the calories; by scanning the barcode, it will tell you the nutritional values and give it a “grade.” A recent scanning of popular diet soda, for instance, yielded warnings about the artificial sweeteners and industrial caramel coloring – informative! – and suggested a few healthier alternatives. Using this app, we found ourselves creating well-rounded, balanced meals, and soon began naturally gravitating toward healthier foods.

Fitness Buddy
For a comprehensive fitness app, it’s hard to beat Fitness Buddy. Containing over 1,700 exercises, this app is organized into several categories—by muscle, general body area, or equipment. Furthermore, Fitness Buddy offers approximately 1,000 videos and 75 customizable workouts that you can tailor to your specific fitness goals. It even allows you to track your progress over time so you can see just how much closer you’re getting to that six pack!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Sleep Cycle Alarm clock is a tiny change in your life—that might make a huge difference in how you feel when you wake up each morning. Simply download and place your iPhone underneath your pillow (yes, it really is that easy!) By measuring your movements, Sleep Cycle is able to gauge what sleep cycle you are in and wake you up when you are sleeping the lightest. What does that mean? You’ll never get that disorienting I-just-woke-up-from-a-deep-slumber feeling, and awaken feeling fresh as a daisy!

My Medical
We all know that feeling—so much health info to keep organized, so little time. Things only get more complicated when there are kids involved, or if you’re responsible for keeping track of your partner’s medical history, too. Luckily, My Medical allows you to organize all your information from health care numbers, to emergency contacts, to doctors’ names; and input your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar to create a digital file cabinet of you and your family’s stats. No more panicky feelings or going through millions of cards at the doctor’s office to ensure the information that is most important to you is kept in one place.

Relax With Andrew Johnson
Stress is unpleasant, sure, but believe it or not, it also has major—and we mean major—implications for your actual life expectancy. And let’s face it, with the pace of life today, we need tools that help us combat those feelings more than ever. So check out this App – on it, Clinical Hynotherapist Andrew Johnson teaches his best relaxation techniques, which can help with anything from work-related anxiety to insomnia. What a relief! 😉

There you have it—our votes for the healthy, balanced smartphone diet. Tell us, what wellness applications do you swear by?