5 Health & Wellness Resources

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Thanks to the age of the Internet, healthy living has become democratized—information on how to look and feel your best is now available to everyone with computer access and some basic Google skills. But this grassroots movement does come with a few risks. After all, we would argue that nothing is more important than one’s health, so it’s crucial to make sure that the information that you’re receiving is, well, good. And as with all things on the web, there is not necessarily a filter for the information that is posted, nor do the posts that you read necessarily come with a disclaimer. So with this in mind, we’ve looked far and wide, high and low, to find the best and most diverse group of Twitter handles and blogs for topics health and wellness related (besides the one you’re reading, of course 😉 Check out which made our top 5 !

Think of this blog as healthy living for the mind—between its tips for thinking simply, being kind to oneself, and uncluttering your mind, there is something for everyone. And there’s a well-documented link between mental health and physical well-being—so following the tips found here won’t just make you feel more relaxed… they could very well have consequences on the rest of your body beyond what you even imagine!

The fitness magazine’s Twitter handle directs its followers to a wealth of information—pointers and articles on everything from how to increase your self control, designing a great circuit exercise, to catching better zzz’s at night. These fun, informative tweets provide tips to live by!

We are huge fans of the Fitnessista’s (her real name is Gina) super-specific workout instructions, designed to get you in the best shape of your life. But our favorite part of her blog is the down-to-earth tone, which makes getting your butt in workout mode feel attainable—heck, even desirable—for even those of us stuck in winter hibernation mode. (Yes – we admit it 😉 !)

It’s impossible not to love Kath’s blog. Why? Because she makes real food – healthy, wholesome, delicious food. Case in point: a lip-smackingly good, hearty and wholesome recipe for shrimp, eggplant, and zucchini. See—you can have your carbs and eat ’em, too—everything in moderation! If healthy eating was as good as Kath makes it look on a daily basis, we’re pretty sure that nobody would have a difficult time with it. And for those of us who are eagerly awaiting her post for another recipe – it’s time to start working your way through her backlog of scrumptious recipes!

There is a reason that the TV doc’s Twitter handle boasts over 1.3 million followers. Squeezing advice on matters across the wellness spectrum into 140 characters is a huge challenge, to say the least—and he pulls it off with ease! If the Internet democratizes health and wellness tips, Dr. Oz’s tweets provide the ultimate forum for getting that information out to the maximum number of people: through short, easy-to-understand pointers on everything from blood pressure to dark chocolate to food journaling—that we can glance at over our morning coffee or on our morning subway ride.

Those are our favorite sources to turn to for matters related to our body, but we know there are many other valuable ones out there! Tell us, what are your favorite Internet sources for healthy living tips?