5 Tips to Healthy Resolutions

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Every New Year’s, millions of people celebrate new beginnings with healthy resolutions. Gym classes suddenly fill up. Shoppers stuff their grocery bags with lettuce and tomatoes, carrots and peas. Time to try yoga! Start a journal. Or branch out and try the latest exercise trend! But somehow, by early February, it can be easy to slip out of our resolutions and back to our old ways. (Apple pie for breakfast counts as a fruit!) But we know how important it is for Cold-EEZE fans to stay healthy and live well throughout the year — whether it’s getting through the winter cold season by making sure to have your favorite Cold-EEZE lozenges on hand, or making it a point to walk everywhere you can in the summer. Here are a few tips for helping your stay-healthy resolutions stick:

1. Take it one day at a time. It can be daunting to picture the whole year in front of you– minus some guilty pleasure. If you’re like us, you might start to think: “going to the gym takes so much time! How will I keep it up?”, or worry about missing nightly cookies for dessert (or maybe just diving into the cookie dough!). Go easy on yourself: instead of picturing your life stretching before you, just take it one day at a time. Every time you’re confronted with the choice between keeping or canning your resolution, think to yourself: “I’m going to keep it this time.” No need to think about what you’ll be doing in a day or a week, no “I’ll never have dessert again.” If you do it “just this once” every time–or even just most of the time–you’ll be keeping your resolution without the stress!

2. Phone a friend. Your pals can be one of the best resources for sticking to your plans. Share your goals with them so they know you’re trying to live more healthfully, and then let them do what friends do best — provide support. When you feel yourself having trouble sticking with the plan, call a friend–and let him or her remind you why you wanted to do it in the first place! Plus, when you share your plans with your buddies, you’ll have extra incentive to stick with them. When you’re accountable to someone else, it’s that much easier to keep the promises you make to yourself.

3. Reward yourself. When you’ve worked hard, it’s important to give yourself some rewards to keep yourself going. Make sure that these are real rewards, and not sugary snacks that you’ll regret later! How about a bath, trip to the salon, or a new pair of shoes? Little rewards are a fun way to remind yourself that even though it’s tough to keep your resolutions, it’ll all be worth it in January of the next year.

4. Think of your future self. You’ve already shown that you’re goal oriented and care about your future self, or you wouldn’t be making these smart and healthy resolutions to kick off the new year. Every time it gets tough, or you want to give in, think about how well you’re treating your future self, and how happy he or she will be with you! Don’t mistreat your future self by breaking your resolutions now. Remember how much you want him or her to be a healthy, stress-free, and an active person with a long life–and then follow through!

5. Make realistic resolutions. It’s hard to resist the urge to overhaul your life completely, but if you try to change everything at once, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick to any of your resolutions. Instead, focus on small but smart changes to make you healthier and happier. If you add a few of these resolutions every year, you’ll be accumulating healthy habits and making smart choices for years to come!

A new year promises a new start, and there’s no better time to kick our old habits in favor of better, healthier ones. We’re excited to hear about the changes that you’re going to be making in your life!

With these quick tips for keeping your healthy resolutions, you’re sure to stay healthy this winter. What are your favorite tips for keeping your body and willpower strong in 2012?