5 Ways to Have a Healthier Halloween

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It’s that time of year: when the winter cold starts creeping in and that extra layer of, shall we say, insulation, feels unavoidable. Call it the winter trifecta. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, then the holiday season—it seems our calendars have it out for us! So this October, we decided we weren’t going to let the trick (or treating) be on us—check out our five solutions to a healthier Halloween, Cold-EEZE style.

1. Pumpkin Seeds

We love this seasonal, festive recipe for pumpkin seeds. The little nip of butter lends these seeds just the right flavor—but doesn’t weigh them down with unnecessary calories! And what could be more Halloween-appropriate than carving out a Jack O’Lantern and then roasting the seeds?

2. Lower Cal Candy

Still not ready to give up on delicious candy treats? We’re right there with you. No need to —just pare back slightly by moderating your intake. We recommend rich, delicious chocolates that feel a little sinful, so you can savor every bite! We bet these festively-packaged 100 calorie Dylan’s candy bars will do the trick.

3. Homemade Treats

A good rule of thumb is if you’re looking to eat something healthier, it’s best to try it at home. There are no telling what oils or additives can creep into store bought or restaurant-prepared concoctions! Here’s a great recipe for granola bars… and while nobody would compare it to broccoli, its high-quality ingredients make it heartier and more nourishing than your run-of-the-mill candy.

4. Funny Halloween Decorated Healthy Foods

Check out all of these ways you can dress up healthy foods to make them Halloween-spooky. These are fun, nice ways to demonstrate to your kids that Halloween doesn’t have to be about a sugar-high—it’s also about participating in a fun and festive holiday. Bon appétit!
5. Low-Cal Jello Shapes

Surprisingly low-calorie, Jello is beloved around the world. And for good reason: this treat has yummy flavors and a kid-friendly texture. We’re big fans of these recipes for creating Halloween Jello shapes with your kids – it’s a great Halloween activity with a tasty reward at the end!

We hope we’ve given you a few ways to participate in All Hallow’s Eve without feeling like you’ll have to spend hours feeling the burn in order to make up for your treats. Tell us, do you have any healthier Halloween alternatives that you roll out every October 31? We’d love to hear about them!

And even though we’re all about keeping things healthy here, we still want to know: what delicious Halloween treat do you wish was precisely zero calories?