5 Ways to Revitalize Your Wellness Routine

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There’s no time like the present for a little spring cleaning. And no, we’re not talking about the dreaded tradition of ridding your house of extraneous clutter, packing away your winter mittens, and breaking out the dust-buster and cleaning fluids—though we’ll cover those next week. No, we’re talking about re-vamping your health routine, when the change of the season makes us want to revel in the fresh flavors in bloom (here’s to eating more veggies) and spend more time moving around outside. Here are five great ways to whip your spring wellness routine into shape.

1. Switch up Your Workout Regimen
There’s nothing like the promise (and yes, threat ;)) of swimsuit season to whip you into shape! Luckily, there’s really nothing better than spending time outdoors. Why not kill two birds with one stone by enjoying some outdoor time while ramping up your fitness regimen with these tips?

2. Make Sure You’re Getting Your Vitamins!
A recently released report indicates that Americans—especially certain demographics—may not be getting enough key vitamins. Check out this list and make sure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs so that you are looking and feeling your best this spring—not to mention combating some pretty major long-term diseases.

3. Keeping Your Allergies at Bay
To those of you asking, “is it just me, or is this allergy season worse than the last one?”… it’s not just you. In fact, some say that, we’re experiencing a worsened allergy season these days. We already ran a piece on ensuring you don’t mistake your cold for an allergy; How to Tell if You’re Experiencing a Cold or Allergies. Now, make sure that once you’ve identified your allergies, you know how to treat ’em—with these easy tips!

4. Forging Social Connections for a Longer Life
Here’s a positive health tip: forging positive relationships with people in your life can also improve your longevity. Looking for proof? One famous Yale study found that elderly people who had weak social connections were three times more likely to pass away than those with strong social bonds. The lesson is clear – relationships and intimacy is important to any well-balanced, fulfilled life! So get out there and grab dinner with a pal, hug your family members tighter, and make time to grab lunch with that friend you’ve drifted out of touch with. We promise—it’s easier than the circuit training in tip #1 😉

5. Drink Your Milk!
It’s no secret that milk contains restorative calcium that helps fortify your bones. But did you know that delicious chocolate milk is actually a great recovery beverage? That’s right, if you are an athlete, you can always compliment your favorite sports drink with rich, creamy chocolate milk. It’s that delicious combination of carbohydrates (from the chocolate) and protein (from the milk) that help refuel and rebuild muscle mass, respectively. So drink up – and enjoy!

So, now that we’ve shared our tips, we want to know your favorite tips for staying fit, healthy and happy this spring season?