August Fan of the Month: Maiden Jane

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We’re excited to introduce you to our August Fan of the Month, Jane, a pioneer woman who possesses envy and awe-inspiring DIY skills—she sews, knits, crochets, and more and of course, blogs! Jane wasn’t always this craft-savvy, though: trained as a chemical engineer, she only got her first sewing machine when she received one as a gift after her first child was born. Now, however, the days of chemical engineering are long behind her, and she and the sewing machine are now old friends: “I have stitched hundreds of miles [on that machine].”

Name/nickname: Jane

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor?

Tell us your favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story: Heading to my college for a football game, [I felt] the telltale beginnings of a cold – the scratchy throat. I always suck on Cold-EEZE the first day or two of a cold and it helps minimize the symptoms and/or shorten the cold.

What’s your sick day style? Oh boy, I usually can’t slow down with four kids!

Favorite comfort book: Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Favorite comfort movie: Becoming Jane – I want Jane Austen to end up with Tom Lefroy (and I love James McAvoy!)

Your favorite way to stay healthy: Eating right and getting enough rest. When my kids were young, if I had a night when I got little sleep, inevitably I’d end up with a cold two days later!

Tip to a fan suffering from a cold: Take Cold-EEZE during the day, drink lots of fluids and go to bed as early as possible!

Most fun blog (besides your own! :)) that you love to read: Clover Lane. Mom to 5, down to earth and my friend!

Tell us a funny anecdote about yourself:
Although I don’t think I am funny, I like to have fun and entertain. The past few years, besides the normal birthday and graduation parties, I hosted a Jazz party, a Tuscan dinner, a mom and daughter craft/13th birthday party, and numerous “Ladies Night In.”
Job/Favorite role in life: My favorite role is mom and wife – but I absolutely love to be creating with my hands!

Favorite place you’ve been so far, next place you are hoping to go: I loved Hawaii and I hope to travel to Colorado next!

Best part about the Cold-EEZE community: The support.

The fruits of Jane’s labors are clothes and accessories for herself, her friends, and her family—and, more recently through her Etsy shop, to anyone who is interested in buying her wares! We feel lucky to be able to purchase these crafts, and love Jane’s “practical yet pretty approach.” Meanwhile, Jane says that creating these pieces is crucial for maintaining her sanity while raising four children! Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Tell us, do you have a hobby that serves as an outlet for you?