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Making Colds (at least a little) Fun

Colds so often get the better of us. They make us sniffly, sickly and keep us trapped at home. So we felt it was time to give them a twist that could make them a little fun. We made a … Read more »

Cold-EEZE® Sponsors Skate for the Heart This Sunday!

After the huge response we got from you for Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice this past November, we’re thrilled to announce that we are sponsoring Cold-EEZE Skate for the Heart, a figure-skating special that airs this Sunday, January 16th, at 4pm EST on … Read more »

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The Comforting or Quirky Cold Remedy Contest

A few weeks back, we asked about our fans’ unique home remedies for when you’re feeling sick, and were flooded with creative, and downright inspired responses. It made us wonder about the variety of your favorite home remedies… so we … Read more »

Uncommon Facts about the Common Cold

Brushing up on cocktail party talk for the holiday season? Bet you don’t think that colds make great conversation—but they’re actually a lot more interesting than you might think. Here are five facts about colds that will surprise you and … Read more »

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