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A Cold-EEZE Get Well Sooner Playlist (to bring the sunshine back to your summer!):

Perhaps it goes without saying that nobody likes a cold (heck, at Cold-EEZE our sole mission is fighting ’em), but now that it’s summer time, having one feels especially miserable. It’s simply no fun to send your kids off to … Read more »

Get Well Faster

Cold-Proof Cooking with Alexandra Zissu

We’re excited to introduce you to our July Cold-Proof chef, Alexandra Zissu. A multitalented Jane-of-all trades, Alexandra is a food blogger, journalist, and a published author whose recent books include The Conscious Kitchen and The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat … Read more »

Healthy Living

July Fan of the Month: Esmer G.

If you’ve visited our Facebook page sometime in the past few months, chances are that you’ll recognize Esmer Garza’s name—she is always involved and her contributions and comments make our online community that much more fun, supportive, and interactive. She … Read more »

Cold-EEZE’s Top 10: Reasons it’s Okay to (Kind Of) Enjoy Being Sick at Home

Being sick is something to avoid at all costs. But there are some days when the germs simply win the battle, and it’s time for your aching to body phone it in. When that day comes, don’t despair. Check out … Read more »

Get Well Faster

You Could Be on TV with the Cold-EEZE Thank You Line!

Update: Thank you for all of the calls! We’ve closed this line for now. Like us on Facebook to join our fun community and learn about future promotions and contests.   One of the best parts of managing Cold-EEZE’s online presence … Read more »