Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

The very word “spring” puts a smile on just about anyone’s face. But mention “spring cleaning” and even the most cheerful among us begin to frown. Here at the Cold-EEZE team, we think spring cleaning has gotten a bad rap. … Read more »

Tips for Staying Healthy This Spring

Spring is in the air… so make the best of that fresh (okay, somewhat pollinated ;)) air. Here are our favorite tips to help take care of you this season, and ensure that you spring into summer with your head, … Read more »

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Wellness Routine

There’s no time like the present for a little spring cleaning. And no, we’re not talking about the dreaded tradition of ridding your house of extraneous clutter, packing away your winter mittens, and breaking out the dust-buster and cleaning fluids—though … Read more »

How to Tell if You’re Experiencing a Cold or Allergies

We’ve spent so long – a whole season, to be precise – waiting for spring. And now that it is here, we couldn’t be happier – but try telling that to our runny noses, watery eyes, and scratchy throats. That’s … Read more »