Monthly Archives: May 2012

Working Hard or Working Out? You Don’t Have to Choose!

Here’s an age-old conundrum: it’s summer, when we’re all hoping to be our healthiest and fittest – but how can you achieve that when you’re trapped inside the office all day? Well, good news: there’s actually a lot you can … Read more »

Fan Pick: What’s the Most Effective Way to Take Cold-EEZE?

We love interacting with the truly awesome pack of Cold-EEZE lovers, which is why we’ve decided to source our next blog post from you! Robert K requested to hear specific instructions for how to use Cold-EEZE effectively, and the precise scientific reasons why it works. Read more »

May Wellness Guru – Meet Katie!

We’re excited to introduce you to Katie, our featured Wellness Blogger for the month of May! Katie’s a 24-year-old food and wellness guru who’s been in the blogging game for almost four years now. She started her blog,, to … Read more »