Monthly Archives: June 2012

June Wellness Guru – Meet Dori!

We’re thrilled to be featuring Dori Manela, the woman behind, as our wellness blogger this month. Dori’s blog is a portal into her unique world, where she chronicles her running setbacks and triumphs, her high-paced New York life, and … Read more »

How to Have a Healthy and Active Summer Vacation

There’s something special about that first day of summer. Chances are your child will bounce out of bed with an energy that is unmatched any other day of the year; the promise of freedom for two whole months! For parents, … Read more »

Five Ways You Can Catch—And Avoid—a Summer Cold

!It’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for: summer, a season synonymous with great weather, bathing suits, vacation, and good health! Nevertheless, it’s as important to be on guard about your health during these warm months as the colder times of the year. Just because the weather is not cold doesn’t mean you’re immune from catching one! Here are the top germ hotspots of summer—memorize ’em so you will stay healthy and soak up the sun through August! Read more »