The 5 Stages of the Common Cold

We are all familiar with the stages of catching a cold: paranoia, denial, anger & blame, wallowing in reluctant acceptance, and finally blessed relief….

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    7 Easy Healthy Recipes for Summer

    We know you’ve seen recipes all over the Internet and on the morning shows and on the Food Network all about how healthy and ecological…

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      Get Well Faster

      How to Create Your Own "Sick Day Survival" Self-Care Package

      Here at Cold-EEZE, we’re big fans of self-care. We know life gets stressful, often downright hard. And if we don’t take some time to take good...

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      9 Habits To Keep Your Body Healthy this Season

      The kids have been back to school for some time now and while at first there were those mixed feelings of “they’re getting so big!” and “Finally!” as...

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