End of The Year Social Media Roundup 2016

By most accounts, 2016 has not been an easy year. Challenges have arisen in so many different areas! But as our year draws to a close, we wanted to focus on all of the great things that also happened this year, and to highlight some of our favorite moments over the last 12 months. We are so thankful for all of our customers and fans, to be able to create a product that actually helps people feel better and to connect with our fans every day through our social media channels. And we especially love it when we hear from you!

Here are some of our favorite moments from 2016:

@Brandyhei Day 3…. Thankful for zinc lozenges after sharing close quarters with my sickie sister over the weekend. Also, one of these things is not like the others.#30daysofgratitude #30daysofthanks#coldeeze #nogermspleeze#zincyouverymuch #grateful #thankful#blessed

@bikinidbehaviorista Taking a moment to appreciate my office stash #mystash #bejealous#fitchickproblems #tea #coffee#coldeeze #flossy #sugarabstinence#aminoenergy #tiu #tiuteam#tiuapproved #oarecovery

@sarahtondello When you stop @target “just” for cold medicine & spot pineapple candles. ??#targetrun ?

@aleeshamendiola If I am going to fight this cold, I’m going to do it in style. ?? #makeup#coldeeze #kleenex #netflix

@coldeeze And they’re off! Cheer on the Cold-EEZE Team who are running the 5K right now!

The launch of our 2 new products!

*NEW* Cold-EEZE Plus Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu Gummies!

Perfect for that inner child that pops up when we’re sick, right?😉


*NEW* Plus Nighttime Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu QuickMelts®!

Get relief and a good night’s rest to help you get well faster!


ProPhase ringing the bell at NASDAQ!


We’re wishing you a new year filled with joy, new adventures, peace, kindness, gratitude, and most of all, health!

What were some of your favorite, happy moments of 2016? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!

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