How to Avoid Spring Allergy Symptoms

The long winter season has made this year’s allergy season one for the books!  Runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes—you name it, we got it! With the temperatures rising and sunny days lining up the forecast, no allergy sufferer wants to spend their time cooped up inside.

It’s time to step out of misery and into the beautiful springtime weather without the fear of dreadful allergy symptoms. Instead of missing out on some of your favorite activities, there are surprising ways to (hopefully!) lessen the effects of the season and get back outdoors. Follow these helpful tips to manage your allergy symptoms and have a fun-filled spring:

1. Become a pro at recognizing allergy symptoms. Is it a cold or is it allergies? Recognizing symptoms will be extremely helpful in taking the right medicine. Some allergy symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Itchy eyes and nose

2. Timing is everything.  Outsmart pollen as you go out. Pollination happens mostly at dawn and dusk; so if possible, arrange your schedule to move all outdoor activities to the afternoon. And once you’re outside…

3. Don’t get mistaken for a flower. Pollen will stick more easily to synthetic fabrics, compared to natural clothes so try to avoid them when partaking in outdoor activities.

4. Take a shower before going to sleep. Why? Believe it or not, pollen does stick to your hair.  By taking a shower before bed, you will avoid having pollen all over your pillows and bed sheets.

5. Have a balanced diet, exercise, and take vitamins. When it’s time for season transition, our body needs to readjust. It’s important to be in good shape and stay healthy! Since the winter season tends to weaken our bodies, make sure to eat healthy and exercise to boost your immune system and maximize energy.

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If you have a cold, try any one of our Cold-EEZE cold shortening products. If you know of any other helpful tricks to keep your allergies or a cold at bay, make sure you share them with the Cold-EEZE community by logging on to the Cold-EEZE Facebook.

Originally published May 2014. Updated June 2016

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