Spring Is in the Air – and So Are Germs — Time to Clean Up

Cold and flu season is coming to an end, but the warmer weather doesn’t always guarantee a healthy forecast. Get proactive this spring and eliminate any lingering winter germs left behind, germs that can lead to cold symptoms and allergy symptoms. Here are some essential spring cleaning tips to help keep your family healthy.

Clean the carpets: Even if you take off your shoes once you enter your home, bare feet leave oil on the carpet, which in turn attracts dirt, dust and dander. Now’s a great time to call in a deep cleaning service for your carpets to completely freshen the home.

Dust your home: It may not be the new season that’s triggering your allergies. Dust buildup in your home can include pollen and mold, triggering unwanted respiratory issues. Make dusting a priority during spring cleaning and remember to work from the top down, finishing with a quick vacuum to make sure every particle is gone.

Reorganize the bookshelves: Just plain dusting your bookshelves is not enough. Although it’s a lot of work, taking down each book and brushing it with a feather duster will create a much healthier environment.

Move the furniture: Instead of simply vacuuming around your sofas, move all large items of furniture – including area rugs – to make sure there are no lingering items that need to be discarded or patches of dust you may have missed.

Check the medicine cabinets: Now is the time to get rid of any outdated products. To safely dispose of these, look into medicine take-back programs in your community or mix with substances like used coffee grounds, cat litter or dirt before tossing in the trash. Remember to always keep a stash of medication for treating common cold symptoms in your medicine cabinet as well.

Replace the filters: Spring is great time to replace your air conditioning and heating filters, or at least give them a deep clean to prevent your family’s exposure to airborne allergens.

Any other spring cleaning tips you swear by? Share with the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy community on the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Facebook or Twitter pages. We want to hear from you!

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