27 Ideas for Sick Day Activities for Kids!

Who are we kidding? Every parent knows that “Back to School” really means “back to germs.” Right? All those adorable, sniffling little humans in one…

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Our Top 5 Late Night Show Moments!

So there’s no way around it. We know. The so-called “luxury” of being able to take a sick day and just stay home and recover…

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Cold vs. Allergies: How Can You Tell?

Stuffy nose, sneezing, congestion… all tell-tale signs that you are about to come down with the common cold — or are they? What’s really behind…

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How to Avoid Spring Allergy Symptoms

The long winter season has made this year’s allergy season one for the books!  Runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes—you name it, we got it!…

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Wearables for Health

Six Wearables That Can Keep You Healthy

With the unending abundance of apps and wearables these days, choosing one isn’t nearly as easy as choosing a cold remedy that works!  Our goal…

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