Cold-EEZE Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Not only is St. Patrick’s Day a wonderful (and wonderfully fun) holiday – it always signifies to us the start of spring! We say, bring on the warm weather, the al fresco dining and GOODBYE, brutal cough/cold season! What better way to rejoice in the spring thaw than partaking in this spirited celebration? Better yet, your indulgence can take on so many forms – from drinking a fizzy Guinness, to consuming delicious green foods, to letting loose at one of the country’s many parades. Let us be your guide for enjoying this St. Patty’s Day to the fullest!

First, a brief rundown of the history of this greenest of holidays:

Celebrated each year on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day marks the day of St. Patrick’s death in the year 493. St. Patrick is the figure most closely linked with bringing Christianity to Ireland. The shamrock is associated with the holiday because – legend has it – he used the three leaves of the plant to explain Catholicism’s holy trinity to the Catholic Church. The holiday was celebrated as a feast dating as far back as the ninth century. But Bostonians beat Ireland by a good TWO HUNDRED years, by staging a St. Patrick’s Day parade way back in 1737!

If you’re all about celebrating, here’s a list of the top St. Pattys Day parades in the US. (Be sure to check it out before assuming your city won’t make the cut – some of these contenders truly surprised us!)

Of course, if you don’t live in one of the top St. Patty’s Day hubs, there are many ways you can participate in this fun holiday. No big surprise here: many of them involve food. We love this green-inspired sweet treats from Ms. Betty Crocker herself. Or if you’re more of the savory (and St. Patty’s Day traditionalist) type, why not try this traditional Irish delicacy of corned beef and cabbage? It’s delicious – reason enough to celebrate, we say! And for an extra sense of festivity, wear this hat while you are prepping your food!

Tell us, how do you plan on celebrating St. Patty’s day this year?

Let Us Share Your Cause

At Cold-EEZE, we are big believers in taking good care of oneself to stay healthy: we all deserve nourishing food, enough rest, and yes, a bit of pampering! We’ve also always believed that another important way to take care of yourself is by taking care of those around you—both your immediate family members and friends and those in your larger community. So back in September, we decided to launch our “Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold” program. The premise was simple: Cold-EEZE fans nominate their favorite charitable cause for a chance to win $1,000. We select five finalists, and the Cold-EEZE community votes on ’em—for the next 18 months!

A few months in, we are thrilled to say this program exceeded all of our expectations. Not only has it been a great way to involve ourselves in giving, the entire Cold-EEZE community is getting a chance to get to know the causes important to their fellow fans. The diverse and deeply deserving causes that you have nominated inspire us! Here is a recap of the winners from October through January:

Lulu’s Rescue – Lulu’s mission is to rescue healthy, loving animals that are on death row and give them a second chance at life. The rescue is committed to finding the best homes possible for the adorable animals that they save, so that they can lead happy and healthy lives.

North Clackamas Educational Foundation Buddy Backpack Program – The Backpack Buddy home puts food in the backpacks of underprivileged children every Friday with food. That way, they head into the weekend with some nourishment until they head back into school on Monday.

Hannah’s Home—Hannah’s home provides a center for young women in crisis, where they can receive an education, parenting and professional training—and much more—in a safe and loving environment.

Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch is an Arizona residential living facility aimed at providing a “whole”, well-rounded life to adults with Autism, by facilitating strong, nurturing relationships and positive learning experiences.

Thanks again to all of you for nominating your charities, voting for others, and generally being so thoughtful and amazing when it comes to paying attention to others in need. If you would like to nominate a cause or participate in voting for one, visit out Facebook page and view our “Share Your Cause” tab. Tell us, would you like to see more Cold-EEZE initiatives like this one? If so, how do you envision them?

5 Health & Wellness Resources

Thanks to the age of the Internet, healthy living has become democratized—information on how to look and feel your best is now available to everyone with computer access and some basic Google skills. But this grassroots movement does come with a few risks. After all, we would argue that nothing is more important than one’s health, so it’s crucial to make sure that the information that you’re receiving is, well, good. And as with all things on the web, there is not necessarily a filter for the information that is posted, nor do the posts that you read necessarily come with a disclaimer. So with this in mind, we’ve looked far and wide, high and low, to find the best and most diverse group of Twitter handles and blogs for topics health and wellness related (besides the one you’re reading, of course ;) Check out which made our top 5 !
Think of this blog as healthy living for the mind—between its tips for thinking simply, being kind to oneself, and uncluttering your mind, there is something for everyone. And there’s a well-documented link between mental health and physical well-being—so following the tips found here won’t just make you feel more relaxed… they could very well have consequences on the rest of your body beyond what you even imagine!

The fitness magazine’s Twitter handle directs its followers to a wealth of information—pointers and articles on everything from how to increase your self control, designing a great circuit exercise, to catching better zzz’s at night. These fun, informative tweets provide tips to live by!
We are huge fans of the Fitnessista’s (her real name is Gina) super-specific workout instructions, designed to get you in the best shape of your life. But our favorite part of her blog is the down-to-earth tone, which makes getting your butt in workout mode feel attainable—heck, even desirable—for even those of us stuck in winter hibernation mode. (Yes – we admit it ;) !)
It’s impossible not to love Kath’s blog. Why? Because she makes real food – healthy, wholesome, delicious food. Case in point: a lip-smackingly good, hearty and wholesome recipe for shrimp, eggplant, and zucchini. See—you can have your carbs and eat ’em, too—everything in moderation! If healthy eating was as good as Kath makes it look on a daily basis, we’re pretty sure that nobody would have a difficult time with it. And for those of us who are eagerly awaiting her post for another recipe – it’s time to start working your way through her backlog of scrumptious recipes!

There is a reason that the TV doc’s Twitter handle boasts over 1.3 million followers. Squeezing advice on matters across the wellness spectrum into 140 characters is a huge challenge, to say the least—and he pulls it off with ease! If the Internet democratizes health and wellness tips, Dr. Oz’s tweets provide the ultimate forum for getting that information out to the maximum number of people: through short, easy-to-understand pointers on everything from blood pressure to dark chocolate to food journaling—that we can glance at over our morning coffee or on our morning subway ride.

Those are our favorite sources to turn to for matters related to our body, but we know there are many other valuable ones out there! Tell us, what are your favorite Internet sources for healthy living tips?

Keep Your Heart Happy This Valentine’s Day!

In our minds, V-Day creates a wonderful excuse to shower your loved ones with – well, love! And nobody—whether you’re single or coupled up—should be left out of the equation. This holiday is a celebration of love, simple as that, and that in and of itself is cause for celebration – not to mention lots of chocolate-eating! ;) We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for how to pamper your heart this Valentine’s Day!

1. Start off the day with heart-healthy exercises. We all know by now that exercise is integral to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, so start your Valentine’s Day celebration right by doing some of these light, heart-healthy exercises. Forget New Year’s resolutions – that’s so January. On to V-Day Resolutions! Bonus: you can enjoy that extra bar of chocolate (or two ;)) later in the day, guilt-free!

2. Feel great – donate! – As those who participated in our “Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold” feature know, Cold-EEZE really values contributing to the community, and finding out the causes that are important to our fans. It’s a great way to stay involved and form meaningful connections. And even better, some studies have also shown that it has great health rewards for the person who is giving, too! So, what could be better this Valentine’s Day than making a donation? You could volunteer at a soup kitchen with someone you care about, make a donation in their name, or contribute to a cause that is important to them! Love is all about giving, so what better time to explore your giving options?

3. Make a beautiful card! – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about lavishing money on your significant other. Sometimes homemade really does say it best. If you’re the crafty kind, set aside a few minutes (and a few neat pieces of material) in the coming days to make one of these beautiful creations! In the era of email, homemade and handwritten cards are especially memorable and guaranteed to make an impression.

4. Cook to show you care – Nothing says I love you quite like cooking for someone. Our suggestion? Start with one-pot cooking – when you have a great ingredient list, it’s hard to go wrong! This dish couldn’t be more straightforward (or delicious). Best part? You get to treat yourself, along with the people you love!

5. Make sure you finish your day on a sweet note! If we had to say one thing that Valentine’s Day was known for, there’d be a universal answer, right? All together now: CHOC-O-LATE! And luckily for you – and your heart – dark chocolate is not only rich, smooth and delicious, it’s also loaded with flavonoids that help lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, and help improve blood flow to the heart and brain. So, yes, that’s right – you heard it here. Munch away. If you’re going to overindulge a little (and hey, it’s Valentine’s Day – we won’t tell!) why not indulge in something heart healthy?

We hope you’re having a healthy, happy winter, and a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Tell us: what’s your favorite heart-healthy trick? And favorite way to show your loved ones you care on Valentine’s Day?

How Cold-EEZE Works

Over the past few years, we’ve been excited to get to know the thousands of Cold-EEZE lovers who believe in our lozenges, and the power of zinc gluconate. One of the things we like best about Cold-EEZE fans is that they’re an inquisitive bunch, and sometimes want to know even more about our lozenges. And of course, that’s a topic that we’re always willing to go into more detail about! So, whether you’re an advocate, or are thinking of trying us out, we’re glad you’re curious to know the science behind our winning formula. We really believe that the proven science behind our product sets us apart – and hopefully after reading this, you will agree ;).

At the core of Cold-EEZE’s winning formula, as you probably know by now, is zinc gluconate. To understand how our zinc cold remedy works, you need to know this about the human cold virus: scientists believe that it begins by attaching to receptors in your upper respiratory tract. This is where Zinc gluconate—your cold’s kryptonite—steps in. Zinc gluconate also attaches to the same receptors. Scientific studies suggest that free zinc ions, which are released in all Cold-EEZE formulas, inhibit the cold virus’ ability to replicate, shortening the duration of the common cold. That’s why you should pop a Cold-EEZE lozenge or spray twice with the Cold-EEZE Oral Spray whenever your cold symptoms first appear—so that the free zinc ions can get to work right away in shortening your cold– we’re treating the problem, not just the symptoms!

Despite the magic of zinc, having this product in a lozenge is not enough to make it an effective cold-fighter. Rather, the exact balance of ingredients is extra important, because if the zinc ion availability is low, your cold lozenge can’t work as effectively. So unlike some other cold products that may have ingredients that bind to the zinc, we make sure to avoid any ingredients that may interfere with the release of zinc ions.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it! We’ve been excited over the past few years to see zinc gluconate lozenges validated by several clinical studies, including studies at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Dartmouth College.

Let’s be honest: when we’re struggling with sickness and pop a cold-treatment, the most important thing in that moment isn’t how it works, it’s that it works – period. We’re very proud to produce a product that so many of you believe in, and we hope that we provided you just a little more insight into why Cold-EEZE is so effective at fighting your colds, one sniffle at a time!

5 Tips to Healthy Resolutions

Every New Year’s, millions of people celebrate new beginnings with healthy resolutions. Gym classes suddenly fill up. Shoppers stuff their grocery bags with lettuce and tomatoes, carrots and peas. Time to try yoga! Start a journal. Or branch out and try the latest exercise trend! But somehow, by early February, it can be easy to slip out of our resolutions and back to our old ways. (Apple pie for breakfast counts as a fruit!) But we know how important it is for Cold-EEZE fans to stay healthy and live well throughout the year — whether it’s getting through the winter cold season by making sure to have your favorite Cold-EEZE lozenges on hand, or making it a point to walk everywhere you can in the summer. Here are a few tips for helping your stay-healthy resolutions stick:

1. Take it one day at a time. It can be daunting to picture the whole year in front of you– minus some guilty pleasure. If you’re like us, you might start to think: “going to the gym takes so much time! How will I keep it up?”, or worry about missing nightly cookies for dessert (or maybe just diving into the cookie dough!). Go easy on yourself: instead of picturing your life stretching before you, just take it one day at a time. Every time you’re confronted with the choice between keeping or canning your resolution, think to yourself: “I’m going to keep it this time.” No need to think about what you’ll be doing in a day or a week, no “I’ll never have dessert again.” If you do it “just this once” every time–or even just most of the time–you’ll be keeping your resolution without the stress!

2. Phone a friend. Your pals can be one of the best resources for sticking to your plans. Share your goals with them so they know you’re trying to live more healthfully, and then let them do what friends do best — provide support. When you feel yourself having trouble sticking with the plan, call a friend–and let him or her remind you why you wanted to do it in the first place! Plus, when you share your plans with your buddies, you’ll have extra incentive to stick with them. When you’re accountable to someone else, it’s that much easier to keep the promises you make to yourself.

3. Reward yourself. When you’ve worked hard, it’s important to give yourself some rewards to keep yourself going. Make sure that these are real rewards, and not sugary snacks that you’ll regret later! How about a bath, trip to the salon, or a new pair of shoes? Little rewards are a fun way to remind yourself that even though it’s tough to keep your resolutions, it’ll all be worth it in January of the next year.

4. Think of your future self. You’ve already shown that you’re goal oriented and care about your future self, or you wouldn’t be making these smart and healthy resolutions to kick off the new year. Every time it gets tough, or you want to give in, think about how well you’re treating your future self, and how happy he or she will be with you! Don’t mistreat your future self by breaking your resolutions now. Remember how much you want him or her to be a healthy, stress-free, and an active person with a long life–and then follow through!

5. Make realistic resolutions. It’s hard to resist the urge to overhaul your life completely, but if you try to change everything at once, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick to any of your resolutions. Instead, focus on small but smart changes to make you healthier and happier. If you add a few of these resolutions every year, you’ll be accumulating healthy habits and making smart choices for years to come!

A new year promises a new start, and there’s no better time to kick our old habits in favor of better, healthier ones. We’re excited to hear about the changes that you’re going to be making in your life!

With these quick tips for keeping your healthy resolutions, you’re sure to stay healthy this winter. What are your favorite tips for keeping your body and willpower strong in 2012?

Our New Oral Spray Cold Remedy!

We hope you’re having a great start to your New Year, Cold-EEZE fans. We’re kicking off 2012 with some exciting news: we recently introduced a new Cold-EEZE product and we’re offering you a $2.50 coupon to try it!

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already believe in Cold-EEZE. You enjoy our great-tasting flavors (Cherry, Tropical Orange, Lemon Lime, Mint Frost, Strawberries and Cream, Honey Lemon: take your pick!) – and know how effective our unique zinc gluconate formula is at shortening your cold. But everyone loves variety and convenience, which is why we’re excited to share some big news: Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy is now available in a convenient oral spray! Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Oral Spray is formulated with zinc gluconate, the same effective active ingredient found in the clinically proven* and #1 pharmacist recommended Cold-EEZE lozenges.

We’re very excited about this new product! And we never forget to talk to Cold-EEZE users like you. We know Cold-EEZE customers expect the best, and we’re delighted to offer this product in our popular Mint and Cherry flavors! And we love that providing this variety allows our fans to choose how they want to “Cold-EEZE” (that’s right, it’s a verb now!☺)

So how do you use this new Oral spray? Like Cold-EEZE lozenges, it works best if you take it at the very first signs of a cold. Just two sprays on the inside of your cheeks and, the roof of your mouth deliver the same active ingredients as one Cold-EEZE lozenge. Let it hang out in your mouth for 15 seconds, and swallow it, and repeat it for every two to four hours, until you start feeling your best! If that sounds simple, well, it’s because it is. We want you to try it because we think you’re sure to love it too. To print a coupon, go to our website home page and click on our coupon link.  We are offering $2.50 off Cherry or Mint Oral Spray. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Cold-EEZE Oral Spray is available at CVS, Kmart, Rite Aid and other fine retailers. See the full list of retailers here.

*Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold.

Five Surprising Germ Hotspots

How often do you hear “there’s something going around” during these chilly months? It’s safe to say that nobody is a stranger to brutal winter colds. We’ve armed you with our beloved zinc lozenges and oral spray to fight the common cold, but here’s more armor: a list of surprisingly germy hotspots, and how you can reduce your risk of picking up anything from ’em. Check out what made the cut– we bet you’ll be as surprised as we were!

Restaurant Menus

Eating out is generally a special event (okay, or reserved for those times when we just can’t cook yet another meal). But you may feel less festive when you think of this: it’s possible that hundreds of people have handled the menu before you without so much as a waitstaff wipe-down. To help avoid contamination and stay healthy, make sure that you don’t let your menu touch your plate or silverware when you’re ordering. Of course, it’s always a wise idea to wash your hands before eating – just make sure that when you’re dining out, you wash before eating, but after ordering, when the menus have been safely stashed away! (Source:


The Lemon Wedge in Your Drink

Think twice the next time you want to order a Diet Coke with lemon, or a cocktail with a twist. A 2008 study by New Jersey scientist Ann LaGrange Loving studied 76 lemon wedges at restaurants. Her shocking discovery? A full 2/3 of them were contaminated with a total of 25 different types of germs. And each microorganism that was found had the potential to cause actual infections. So – while there may be nothing quite like that refreshing citrus flavor – the choice is an easy one: steer clear of lemon wedges when you’re dining out.  (Source:


Shopping Cart Handles

When grocery shopping, chances are you’re thinking about what you’re going to cook this week, not about germs. But saliva, bacteria, and fecal matter have all been found on shopping cart handles. Like many of the germy hotspots that make our list, shopping carts quite literally change hands many, many times a day. The germ factor increases exponentially if they’ve happened to come into contact with raw foods. Luckily, though, there’s a quick fix – either grab a disinfectant wipe that many grocery stores leave out, or make a habit of bringing wipes with you when you’re hitting the supermarket. One quick swipe in the name of cold prevention, and you should be good to hit the aisles!  (Source:


Hotel Bedspreads

After checking into a nice hotel, your first urge may be to flop down on the big, luxurious bed. We say: resist that urge. While it’s safe to assume that the sheets are freshly laundered, the bathrooms are cleaned, and most major surfaces (like nightstands and desks) have been wiped off, hotels don’t generally clean their duvet covers after every guest checks out.  Perhaps shoving yours in a closet upon arrival is best; if you’re cold, ask housekeeping for a blanket (also likely to have been cleaned more recently).  (Source:


Gadget Shops

Think about the last time you went to buy a new phone or MP3 player. Then think about how you held that phone up to your ear, or thumbed through the buttons, or tested out the sound. Then picture the hundreds, if not thousands of other ears, fingers, and hands that did the same as you, on the very same machines. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Microbiology found that bacteria transfers especially easily through glass, like – gulp – the shiny tops of smartphones or tablets. So before you start browsing, grab a disinfectant wipe to make sure you’re in the clear!  (Source:

Tell us: which of these places were you most surprised to learn is a very germ-friendly zone?

Social Media Round-Up

Happy New Year Cold-EEZE fans! December was an action-packed month and we had a lot of fun chatting with you all in our Facebook and Twitter communities.

In December, we asked you to fill in lyrics to the holiday season classic, The Twelve Days of Christmas, by sharing a caption for the funny photos we posted each day! As usual, your creative juices and passion for all things Cold-EEZE blew us away. We hope that those who followed the lyric-making, and for those learning about it now for the first time will enjoy the full, completed The 12 Days of Sickmas. Each day this past month, we looked forward to hearing what you’d contribute to our new, goofy photo. And, as always, you never disappointed us!

Sally kicked things off on the first day of Sickmas, sharing “My Mommy and my Trusty Blankeee.” We can just hear that playing along with the famous tune can’t you?

On the second day of Sickmas, Deb contributed the winning line: “Two Tons of Tissues!”

We decided Amy S.’s contribution of “3 Oogie Boogies” was too funny to be ignored—so that rounded out the official lyrics for day #3!

On the fourth day of Sickmas we couldn’t resist Linda’s idea for the caption: “Four Creeps a Hacking!”

On the fifth day of Sickmas, Stefanie contributed a fanciful lyric to our picture of several cones: “Five Sprinkles Sneezing!”Creeps a Hacking!” 

On the sixth day of Sickmas, Allen came up with the winner: “Six unBEARable Fevers.”

Ouch! Rhonda T. contributed for our seventh day of Sickmas: “Seven Snotty Sneezes!” 

Our true love was no kinder on the eighth day, when Joan supplied the pitch-perfect caption for the picture: “8 Horrible Headaches.”

On the ninth day of Sickmas, Ruby came up with a lyric to match our visuals perfectly: “Nine Yucky Viruses!”

And for Day 10, Stephanie contributed the next line: “10 Feverish Frosties!”

Things were looking up a little on day 11, when Linda came up with our official verse line: Eleven Capons Cooking!”

On the final day of Sickmas, you would think that our true love would take mercy. Alas, that was not to be! Jim came up with the final lyric: “Twelve Headaches Pounding.”  So true to the caption—which in turns, looks oh-so painful.

We hope that all of your Christmases were considerably more peaceful – and, with the help of some lozenges, with much shorter colds!

Which lyric was your favorite? Beyond our Facebook page, here’s what a few of you were sharing with us in the Twittersphere last month:

@BillyHallowell wrote what sounded like an old fashioned letter: “Dear @Coldeeze, it’s that time of year again. I’m getting the sniffles! I’m heading out to get some of you right now (that sounds odd).” We don’t think it sounds odd at all – be our guest, and load right up! J

@Jrnoded had a clever idea: “Heading to Walt Disney World this weekend. Taking some along to combat all the little germs you can run into there.”

@Jacques_Gingras had a simpler message—one of holiday gratitude. “Thank you @coldeeze” he tweeted, “for helping me get rid of my cold. #zincisawesome.” Funny that you mention it – we happen to agree!

@RoxanaSpiridon tweeted about how—just when she’d seen an on-air promotion and was telling her mother how she’d need to stock up on Cold-EEZE—her mother popped out a bag of Cold-EEZE. We can’t help but think that the timing on that was excellent!

Thanks for helping us ring in the holiday season so memorably, and for making this past year such a fun and wonderful one!

Our New Year’s resolution? Aside from continuing to make the best cold remedy we can, we want to keep talking to you, our fans, getting to know you, and incorporating as much feedback of yours as possible. Tell us, do you have a New Year’s resolution? If so, what is it?