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5 Ways to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

Do you find yourself always sniffling and searching for a Kleenex?  Whether you’re battling the onset of a cold or dealing with seasonal allergies, it’s no fun to always have to have a box of tissues on hand.  To continue … Read more »

How to Treat Your Cold Symptoms Series: The Sore Throat

Ah, those tell-tale symptoms of the common cold: Sore throat, coughing, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing… Who among us doesn’t desperately scour the internet in the hopes of finding that amazing home remedy to help ease our discomforts as we … Read more »

Noses are Red, Feelings are Blue. Which Cold Remedy is the Best for You?

Ahh February…the month of love. Spring is just around the corner, and the common cold season is almost over… Or is it? Not only has this February been about new beginnings and romance, but the cold and flu season is … Read more »

Cold-EEZE Plunges in to 2013

Happy 2013 to all of the members of the Cold-EEZE Community! We hope that it’s off to a healthy start! While many of us spent New Year’s Day trying to catch up on sleep and staying warm, Cold-EEZE and MTV’s … Read more »

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, it’s expected that more than 37 million Americans will take a trip of 50 miles or more from home according to AAA. With so many people on the road and in the sky, it’s important to make staying healthy a priority by taking the necessary steps to help protect against the transference of cough and common cold germs… Read more »

How Cold-EEZE Works

Over the past few years, we’ve been excited to get to know the thousands of Cold-EEZE lovers who believe in our lozenges, and the power of zinc gluconate. One of the things we like best about Cold-EEZE fans is that … Read more »

December Fan of the Month, Diane

Happy December! Chances are if you’ve spent time on the Cold-EEZE Facebook page any time in – oh, the past year – you’ll recognize Diane P.’s name. She is a loyal fan who always participates in our contests, answers our … Read more »

Social Media Round-Up

Happy December! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the frantic fun of the holiday lead-up. We gave our thanks last month for having such an enthusiastic and supportive group of fans. This month, we wanted to … Read more »

Cold-EEZE Cold Proof Cooking

Almost anything you need to know about our November Cold-Proof Cook, Bev Weidner, can be summed up in the “About Me” section of her blog, Bev Cooks: “Seven years ago, as I was reaching for the toy in the bottom … Read more »

November Fan of the Month, Allison

It’s difficult to think of a fan that encapsulates more of Cold-EEZE’s values than our November Fan of the Month, Allison Scott. Where to begin? Well, for starters, Allison is a Cold-EEZE believer and involved community member. (We knew there … Read more »

5 Ways to Have a Healthier Halloween

It’s that time of year: when the winter cold starts creeping in and that extra layer of, shall we say, insulation, feels unavoidable. Call it the winter trifecta. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, then the holiday season—it seems our calendars have it … Read more »

October Fan of the Month

Please meet our October Fan of the Month, Jennifer W. We think Jennifer is the perfect FOTM for a lot of reasons. She’s a dedicated mother to her children, and adores chick flicks, cooking shows, and above all, couponing. She’s … Read more »