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8 Foods to Keep You Healthy This Summer

Summer can be a season of gluttony, which is at odds with the fact that it’s also when we venture outdoors in a bathing suit. From hamburgers to hot dogs to fried everything (pickles, oysters, Snickers and just about any … Read more »

How to Get Enough Sleep But Still Make the Most of Warm Summer Nights

It’s not just children who stay up past their bedtimes during the summer. We all know the temptation of staying up late on a weeknight to drink a six-pack with friends and watch fireflies in the backyard, or whatever you … Read more »

11 Books to Read This Summer

Hopefully you have plans for a summer vacation in a beautiful, peaceful place. Maybe your destination is a beach, a lake or a mountain. It could even be your couch. Sometimes there’s no place like home. Below are some of … Read more »

What To Do When You Detect the First Symptoms of a Cold

  You know that sense of dread that washes over you when you notice the first tickle of a sore throat or feel your nose starting to get stuffy? It can feel paralyzing to experience the first signs of a … Read more »

Top TV Series to Binge-Watch When You’re Home Sick

The idea of waiting a whole week to get an update on your favorite TV storylines feels hopelessly antiquated because of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other video-streaming platforms, which have transformed the way we watch television. These platforms also offer … Read more »

5 Tips to Avoid Summer Colds and Make the Most of Your Vacation

You know that feeling. It’s a warm, bright summer day, and you wake up congested, feeling miserable – all  . You had wanted to go to the pool or the beach, but instead you’ll spend the day tucked under your … Read more »

The Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

  Who is always the first person you think of when you’re sick, wishing there was someone there to hug you, supply you with a natural cold remedy and just look after you? Mom! Moms are there when we need … Read more »

5 DIY Home Cold & Flu Remedies

The cold and flu season may seem like it’s never going to end, but with the warmer weather finally approaching, who wants to be stuck at home with a cold? If “how to get rid of a cold” is the … Read more »

DIY: Valentine’s Day-Themed Care Packages For Your Sick Loved Ones

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s nothing worse than seeing your loved ones under the weather. If you’re noticing signs of a cold, the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy team suggests putting together some fun Valentine’s Day-themed care packages to … Read more »

The Ultimate 7 Piece Sick Day Survival Kit

Being sick can be a miserable experience. Your cold symptoms won’t let up, that sore throat feels like glass shards, your head is pounding! You wish you could breathe out of both of your nostrils and long for the day … Read more »

How to Work Out When You’re Sick with a Cold

We’ve all been achy and bed-ridden with cold symptoms and it definitely puts a damper on our daily routines. The foods you normally love may not have any taste and you may be too weak to get through your daily … Read more »

How to Avoid Spring Allergies

The long winter season has made this year’s allergy season one for the books!  Runny nose, sore throats, sneezing, itchy eyes—you name it, we got it! With the temperatures rising and sunny days lining up the forecast, no allergy sufferer … Read more »