“Call your Mother!” Contest!

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This year, Cold-EEZE wants to help our fans to honor the special mothers in your life, who take care of you and your family with unconditional love! Which is why we’re offering FIVE daily chances to get a gourmet cookie assortment for those very special, unique moms. And that’s not all: one lucky fan will win a $500 AmEx gift card for Mom. Enter to win and spoil her like she deserves!

Check back to this post to see the prize recipients as they get selected!

Day 1:

  1. Tonya C.
  2. Nicole K.
  3. Corinne K.
  4. Barb W.
  5. Marie A.

Day 2:

  1. Cindy E.
  2. Diane P.
  3. Jeremy L.
  4. Lisa Z.
  5. Patricia L.

Day 3:

  1. Debra J. V.
  2. Billie O.
  3. Denni M.
  4. Cheryl Lynn  S.
  5. Bella G.

Day 4:

  1. Brenda C.
  2. Kathryn L.
  3. Sheri B.
  4. Diane C.
  5. Christina S.

All will receive a yummy Dancing Deer gourmet gift medley filled with award-winning cookies and brownies to share with a special mother in their lives this coming Mother’s Day. If you are one of them, congrats! And make sure to check your email and respond ASAP!

Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer K.

Jennifer’s entry exemplifies what being a mother and what Mother’s Day is all about! Stay tuned to see the winning entries soon!


It’s not too late to get a prize—we are still giving away FIVE cookie medleys a day until Tuesday, May, 3rd, when we’ll also give away one very major Grand Prize: a $500 American Express gift card.

Entering couldn’t be simpler: just like us on Facebook, enter your info and fill in the blank: “When I’m on the phone with my mom, she always _______!”