Care Package A-Game – Tip #4

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Bring You A-Game Tip #4

It’s no secret that over here at Cold-EEZE, we’re huge care package enthusiasts. Let’s face it: those thoughtful bundles are a great way to wrap up your love and send it over to someone who needs it. But they can be overwhelming to assemble, too. After all, there are a lot of ways to show your care and concern. And that’s where we come in—we’ve been at this for a while, so let us help out! We’ll be sharing our suggestions with you in a series of our best Get Well Sooner “Care Package A Game” tips.

Step #4: Think (anti-) Sick!  

Be sure to send along something to comfort or ease their tired, nose-running, achy sick-selves! Make them smile through their symptoms with a special tissue box or dispenser to cover up the bland store-bought packaging (, SpongeBob Square Pant Soap (, or a funny, personalized tray so they can eat their soup and goodies from the comfort of bed ( It’s all about making them laugh and helping them enjoy their sick day accessories! If your pal loves living in the lap of luxury, help make their humdrum sick days more glamorous by sending along organic hand sanitizer, luscious lavender lotion (, or towelettes with scents that will perk them right up ( And help your sick friend stay toasty warm with a slanket, toe socks, some great PJs, or a terry cloth bathrobe.

After our Quirky or Comforting Cold remedy contest, we learned just how many original remedies you all have up your sleeves, so what about including a homemade remedy? To this day, nothing has topped Mike G.’s winning entry: his grandmother’s mixture of mustard, petroleum jelly, and cayenne pepper that she’d rub on his chest. Extra points for anyone willing to try that one!

Tell us, what are your best tips for ensuring that your care package is full of personalized details? Do you have a story of a personalized gift or care package that really melted you?

And remember, these blog posts are part of an ongoing series about how to create your best care package ever… so tune in for the following weeks to see what we have in store!

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