Care Package A-Game – Tip #5

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Bring Your A-Game Tip #5

It’s no secret that over here at Cold-EEZE, we’re huge care package enthusiasts. Let’s face it: those thoughtful bundles are a great way to wrap up your love and send it over to someone who needs it. But they can be overwhelming to assemble, too. After all, there are a lot of ways to show your care and concern. And that’s where we come in—we’ve been at this for a while, so let us help out! We’ll be sharing our suggestions with you in a series of our best Get Well Faster “Care Package A Game” tips.

Step #5: That Extra Something

At the end of the day, bringing your Care Package A-Game is all about showing a friend in need that you’re thinking of them and want them to get well. So remember the little touches! There are so many ways to do this: wrap a box with paper from their favorite magazine or section of the newspaper. If they love sending snail mail, include a packet of stamps. Or slip in a photo of the two of you; write out their favorite song lyric or quotation in a homemade card; reference an inside-joke that you know only they will truly “get”. You can even send over a dog-eared copy of your much-beloved favorite book. We long to be taken care of when sick, so nothing feels better than going the extra mile!

We’ve had a lot of success following these simple steps. But we’re the first to admit that sending great care packages is an art form, not a science: there’s still plenty of room for creativity. And we want to hear about yours! Tell us, what have you put in your most successful care packages?

These blog posts are part of an ongoing series about how to create your best care package ever so make sure you check out the rest of our posts!

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