Care Package A-Game! Cold-EEZE’s Care Package Secrets: Tip #1

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Cold-EEZE TipsIt’s no secret that over here at Cold-EEZE, we’re huge care package enthusiasts. Let’s face it: those thoughtful bundles are a great way to wrap up your love and send it over to someone who needs it. But they can be overwhelming to assemble, too. After all, there are a lot of ways to show your care and concern. And that’s where we come in—we’ve been at this for a while, so let us help out! We’ll be sharing our suggestions with you in a series of our best Get Well Sooner “Care Package A Game” tips.


Tip #1: Check the Care Package Compass: Facebook!

Today, we’re focusing on how to individualize your care package. Special gestures—indicating that you pay enough attention and, well, care enough to pick up on the little things that make care packages especially valuable. If you’re sending yours to a long-time friend or an immediate family member, it’s likely that you’ll immediately know what little trinket or game will put a smile on their face. But sometimes care package senders find themselves drawing a blank when putting together a package for even a close friend.

Luckily, the modern era has given us our care package arsenal one major tool to work with: Facebook! They’re laundry lists of favorites—brimming with unique insight about your friend in need! With all this great info, it’s almost as if they were made for building thoughtful care packages! Our advice? Use ’em for inspiration (while respecting their privacy, of course!), but don’t forget to think outside the box. (And “thinking outside the box” applies even if you don’t have to check out Facebook to be reminded of your mom’s inexplicable obsession with Frank Sinatra!) Your friend loves Seinfeld? Skip the DVD collection and send them a comfy Tee with funny references to Jerry & co’s most unforgettable lines; or maybe this goofy mug to make them smile as they sip some get-well-sooner soup. They can’t get enough of the Beatles? Consider sending this iconic Abbey Road poster, or maybe the DVD of Across the Universe, a movie inspired by Beatles hits.

The bottom line? You’ll score points for thoughtfulness if you pay attention to your friends’ interests—and if you can get a little creative in the process, all the better!

Tell us, what are your best tips for ensuring that your care package is full of personalized details? Do you have a story of a personalized gift or care package that really melted you?

As we post additional tips, we will link to them below, so stay tuned to hear all our expert tips on how to build the perfect Get Well Sooner care package!

Tip #1: Check the Care Package Compass: Facebook!

Tip #2: Keep ’em Entertained!

Tip #3: Include Indulgence(s)!

Tip #4: Think (anti-) Sick!

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