Childhood Sick Days: Memories from Cold-EEZE Fans

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Ferris Bueller didn’t need to take his day off to prove that sick days are one of those unifying childhood experiences—they always have been. We all have our own versions of memories of mom putting a wet washcloth on our forehead, or dad popping in a favorite movie, a friend collecting homework assignments from our teachers… not to mention, the occasional sick day <ahem> “performance” when, like Ferris, we just couldn’t face the day. These childhood sick days are such a touchstone that we couldn’t resist asking our fans about their memories of being nursed back to health way back when.

You shared some great memories with us! Diane P. tells us that she was a “Daddy’s girl”, and that her Dad spoiled her when she was sick, “Always made sure I was warm and comfy—he was my human remote control… I really miss that when I’m sick.” Not to mention that – like many fans – being taken care of by her dad revolved around food: she loved her dad’s soup! Allison S., on the other hand, always ate tomato soup and bologna sandwiches on Wonder Bread, with yellow mustard. “I don’t think I’d EVER do that now, but it was my ‘I’m Sick!’ comfort food.” Charlotte H. drank her mom’s “magic elixir for all ailments”—7 UP!

Photo credit: Arnold Goodway

And, no big surprise here, TV also factored in big time to every sick kid memory. Kate M. shared that she overindulged in daytime TV. Charlotte H. was a fan of Court TV and had a few favorite movies: Funny Girl, Princess Bride, and Titanic. We love her explanation of why these are such great sick-day standbys—that she knows them so well, she doesn’t even have to open her eyes to ‘watch’ them.

Photo credit:  angelrravelor

As for faking sick, a couple of brave souls fessed up that, like us, they’ve been there. Penny B. admitted that she faked a few times in elementary school but adds, “From grades 7-12 I had a perfect attendance.” Kate M., on the other hand, was one of those lucky ones: “As long as I didn’t have an exam, my parents would let me take a ‘mental healthy day’ every now and then.” Now that sounds like a good deal to us! Many fans use their sick day memories to help them take care of their own kids. Allison S. still takes care of her kids with comfort food – but chooses grilled cheese, and Mac ‘n Cheese instead!

And these days, Charlotte H.’s dad still brings her soup when she’s sick—and also does carpool duty for her own kids!

One thing is clear: childhood sick days evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Take a look at the sick day memories some of our fans told us about on Twitter, about how their parents took care of them when they were sick:

And yet another fan tweeted something that somehow seemed to encompass everyone’s sick day memories:

So we’ve heard about guilty pleasure TV, yummy snacks, hugs and comfort from mom and dad, now tell us, what was YOUR favorite sick day tradition as a child?