Cold-EEZE Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy St. Patty’s Day! Not only is St. Patrick’s Day a wonderful (and wonderfully fun) holiday – it always signifies to us the start of spring! We say, bring on the warm weather, the al fresco dining and GOODBYE, brutal cough/cold season! What better way to rejoice in the spring thaw than partaking in this spirited celebration? Better yet, your indulgence can take on so many forms – from drinking a fizzy Guinness, to consuming delicious green foods, to letting loose at one of the country’s many parades. Let us be your guide for enjoying this St. Patty’s Day to the fullest!

First, a brief rundown of the history of this greenest of holidays:

Celebrated each year on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day marks the day of St. Patrick’s death in the year 493. St. Patrick is the figure most closely linked with bringing Christianity to Ireland. The shamrock is associated with the holiday because – legend has it – he used the three leaves of the plant to explain Catholicism’s holy trinity to the Catholic Church. The holiday was celebrated as a feast dating as far back as the ninth century. But Bostonians beat Ireland by a good TWO HUNDRED years, by staging a St. Patrick’s Day parade way back in 1737!

If you’re all about celebrating, here’s a list of the top St. Pattys Day parades in the US. (Be sure to check it out before assuming your city won’t make the cut – some of these contenders truly surprised us!)

Of course, if you don’t live in one of the top St. Patty’s Day hubs, there are many ways you can participate in this fun holiday. No big surprise here: many of them involve food. We love this green-inspired sweet treats from Ms. Betty Crocker herself. Or if you’re more of the savory (and St. Patty’s Day traditionalist) type, why not try this traditional Irish delicacy of corned beef and cabbage? It’s delicious – reason enough to celebrate, we say! And for an extra sense of festivity, wear this hat while you are prepping your food!

Tell us, how do you plan on celebrating St. Patty’s day this year?