Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice

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Improv-IceIn just a few weeks’ time, on November 21, Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice will air on NBC and we couldn’t be more excited! The event features the on-the-fly performances of champion skaters past and present, and then you get to vote online for your favorite performance.

Improv-Ice’s participants include 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek (he’s used to audience voting after his stint on Dancing With the Stars!), Olympic medalists Sasha Cohen and Jeffrey Buttle, and two US Champions.

We are especially enthusiastic about the event’s format: many of the greatest moments in sports are those unexpected ones, when the athletes seem to defy the expectations of the crowd, their teammates, even the game itself. There’s not too much that’s unplanned about skating on the championship level, so we couldn’t wait to see the skater’s moves when they were able to express themselves in a less structured environment—and when “unscripted” didn’t just amount to… well… “falling.”

The skaters weren’t the only stars there, either – ‘80s band Foreigner (the group that, appropriately enough, gave us the hit “Cold as Ice”) provided the tunes for the skaters’ performances. And Improv-Ice, filmed in Colorado this September, was hosted by two of the sport’s all-time greats, Brian Boitano and Kristi Yamaguchi.

The skatersPerhaps you’re a bit surprised that a cold remedy is sponsoring a sporting event that takes place on a sheet of freezing ice. But at Cold-EEZE, it’s our goal to help people stay healthy and go about their normal lives during the winter – no hibernation necessary! Given the number of Cold-EEZE fans who are also skating fans, it seems that others have picked up on this connection.

When our CEO, Ted, posted on our Facebook Page after meeting champion skater

Johnny Weir, the response was huge and instant. One fan wrote, “I am a huge fan of figure skating and Johnny is my favorite skater. And I actually use Cold-EEZE as well, I love it.” Another shared, “Johnny is the real deal . And my family has used Cold-EEZE for years.” For one skating enthusiast the connection was simple: “love your product and love love love Johnny Weir.” Ted was doubly happy with our involvement in Improv-Ice when he heard about how many cross-over Cold-EEZE/skating fans are out there!

At the event, he was able to speak with some of the skaters about Cold-EEZE. It turns out that skating is not the only thing they can improvise. (Though perhaps they do that <ahem> slightly better—watch these outtakes and tell us what you think!)

Voting will open on the Cold-EEZE website on November 21, the day that the show airs. The show will run again on the Hallmark Channel on February 7th 4-6am and the results will be announced during Riverdance on Ice, February 19th. Tune in not just because it’s a great show (trust us), but because you get to vote for your favorite Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice performance! So tell us, Cold-EEZE fans: which of these athletes are you most excited to see?


P.S.  We’re going to announce a special promotion for Cold-EEZE and ice skating fans that is worth paying attention to. Check back in and if you join the Cold-EEZE Facebook page, you’ll be the first to hear about it!