Cold-EEZE’s Top 10: Reasons it’s Okay to (Kind Of) Enjoy Being Sick at Home

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Being sick is something to avoid at all costs. But there are some days when the germs simply win the battle, and it’s time for your aching to body phone it in. When that day comes, don’t despair. Check out these reminders of the benefits of a day off now and then… Also known as our Top 10 reasons it’s okay to (kind of) enjoy being sick at home.

  1. You know how you never feel like getting out of bed when your alarm rings on a weekday morning? Sink back into those covers… because this is one day you don’t have to get out!
  2. A full roster of morning TV. Good Morning America? Kudos if you’re up by then. Regis & Kelly? Yes please. Hello, women of The View! From there, it’s just a sleigh ride into midday soaps and afternoon game show reruns.
  3. There’s something rather divine about staying in your pajamas all day and making it from one bedtime to another without even changing your attire. This is not usually socially acceptable behavior—except, of course, during a sick day! Heck, it’s encouraged.

  4. Sick Day = crash course catch-up on all things pop culture related. That new show everyone’s been watching? Catch it on HuLu! Read up on your TV recaps on Bonus: rent a movie based on a book—and you’ll understand references to both! (We promise not to tell anyone that you only saw Eat Pray Love 😉 ) Plenty of time on Twitter to discover new, interesting people to follow… or, discover what Twitter is in the first place!

    Check out this fun blog for a crash course in all things TV related!

  5. Online shopping—only browsing to pass the time, of course ;)… Added bonus: today is one day when you can guarantee that no school pick-ups, conference calls, or classes will interrupt the moment sites like Gilt make their special offers live. You’ll get to nab the best of everything! (Well, you would be able to, if you were shopping for real, instead of just browsing…)

    These blogs can be a great first stop if you’re interested in exploring the wide, wide world of bargain hunting online!

    We also love Gretchen’s stylish, fun blog; it also sometimes features great deals:

  6. Catch up on a few mindless, easy chores. Credit card bill… cable…we’re looking at you! (We admit, this one is far down on the “plus” side of being stuck at home—but it sure is nice to cross something off that to-do list. Bonus: when you’re actually feeling good, you won’t have to be cooped up inside paying your bills!) This blog can serve as a helpful resource for helping you maximize online bill paying if you’ve still been paying via snail mail!
  7. Cooking? Wish I could help out, but… aaaaaaa-cho!
  8. One word: Popsicles. All. Day. Long. (Okay, four words). Don’t like popsicles? Do ginger ale, or chicken soup, or milkshakes suit your fancy? Ready, set, indulge.

  9. Time for browsing through old photos. Try not to gasp as you admire—or cringe at—decades old hairstyles flashing before your eyes…

    Or, check out these hilarious old prom photos from the ’80s. Do any of these look all too familiar?

  10. Being coddled by family members doesn’t hurt, either. Why yes, I will take that bell and ring if I need anything!

When pesky illnesses do arise, we hope this list will at least help you look on the sunnier side of what’s generally an unpleasant situation. And with those Cold-EEZE lozenges planted by your bedside, we’re confident you will be in tip-top condition before long! So in the meantime, please tell us: what are the reasons you secretly sometimes kind-of-sort-of-just-a-little-teensy-bit enjoy being sick at home?