December Fan of the Month, Diane

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Happy December! Chances are if you’ve spent time on the Cold-EEZE Facebook page any time in – oh, the past year – you’ll recognize Diane P.’s name. She is a loyal fan who always participates in our contests, answers our questions about how you are all doing, and spreads the Cold-EEZE love far and wide! So we figured in this season of cheer, we’d include the fan whose good humor, spirit, and steadfastness bring us—and the rest of the Cold-EEZE community—great joy! We’re excited for this chance to get to know her a little better and hear her unique take on parenting, love of Audrey Hepburn… and why she was one of the first to dip her toe into the online dating world.

Name/nickname:  Diane, but my online friends call me Wazzy. I probably get called Wazzy more than I get called Diane, but I’m hard of hearing so I kind of prefer having my social life online. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves, or to keep speaking louder, and I’ve met some great people.

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor? Sugar free Wild Cherry

Tell us your favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story: All my life I would get bronchitis every year, sometimes twice a year. It always started as a cold and worked its way into a sinus infection and then into my lungs. Since I discovered Cold-EEZE several years ago, I take one when I first feel that little tickle in my throat or ears, and I haven’t had anything more than a couple sneezes since.

What’s your sick day style? When I do get sniffily now, I like to put on my oversized fleece robe and fuzzy socks, lay on the couch and watch classic movies (mostly Audrey Hepburn) and sip homemade hot cocoa. And if I have some homemade chicken soup with whole-wheat egg noodles, I’ll nibble on that too.

Favorite comfort book: My mom gave me a lot of her old Reader’s Digest Condensed books, and they’re shorter, which is nice when I’m not feeling well since my attention span isn’t what it normally is.

Favorite comfort movie: Charade, with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Walter Matthau. IMDB calls it a Comedy Mystery Romance Thriller – all my favorite genres rolled into one movie!

Your favorite way to stay healthy: I love learning to cook new healthy meals using whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies. I also exercise (not as often as I should – time I get back into it – right after the New Year 🙂

Tip to a fan suffering from a cold: Get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and take this opportunity to let your family wait on you… And next time, take Cold-EEZE at the first sign of a cold, so you don’t have to suffer.

Most fun blog that you love to read: The Cold-EEZE Get Well Sooner Blog of course!

Tell us a funny anecdote that showcases your personality:  Well I guess I have never been one to follow convention. Back in 1993, I married a man I met online. My friends were surprised I’d even think of doing such a thing. No one had ever heard of online dating, but we met in April ’93 online, met face to face in July ’93, got engaged in August ’93, moved in together September ’93, and married December 31, 1993. This New Year’s Eve, we’ll celebrate our 18th anniversary.

Job: I am a Domestic Engineer (although one child is an adult and the other is almost an adult). My kids are the greatest: smart, beautiful and handsome. They continue to teach me new things about myself and them every day. From them I have learned to be tolerant, patient and forgiving (mostly patience!). I’m thankful every day I have them in my life.

Favorite place you’ve been so far, next place you are hoping to go: My dad worked for a company that gave their employees 13 weeks paid vacation every five years. When I was 10, he took all 13 weeks at once and our family took a camping trip from Wisconsin, down to Texas, then Nevada to California, up to Oregon, and back to Wisconsin through the Dakotas. I still remember being at Circus Circus, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Mt. Rushmore. I hope that we can make it out to Rhode Island next year to see my husband’s family. It’s quite the trip from Wisconsin, so we haven’t been out there in years!

Best part about the Cold-EEZE community: The tips on staying healthy.

Thanks so much for sharing, Diane! We are so lucky to have you as a Cold-EEZE fan and part of our community. And we admire your resolve to stay healthy – and up your gym-going J