5 Ways to Thank Mom for all her TLC

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Mothers have one of the hardest jobs of all time - raising their children. A mother’s job can span as far and wide as cooking endless meals, cleaning up spills galore, changing loaded diapers, and supporting her children in all of their endeavors without complaint, all while taking care of her own life and work. And that’s just the start! In sickness and in health, mothers are always there to give a little extra TLC to their kids.

Each mom has her own parenting style. Some are warm and fuzzy, with cuddles and butterfly kisses and lunchbox notes. While others opt for the tough love approach, showing their love through their attention and sometimes (maybe a little *too*) blunt “suggestions”. No matter what kind of mother you have, she’s brought you into this world and deserves to be appreciated. So make sure all of your mom’s effort doesn’t go unnoticed! Appreciating your mother year-round is important, but c’mon! You can show her a little extra love on Mother’s Day :) This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 13th so get going with one of these very special gift ideas. They’ll truly show her how much she means to you.

1.Cook your mom a homemade meal

No ordering in or microwaving for this meal! Odds are, she’s cooked you countless homemade meals over the years, so treat her to one of her own as a thoughtful way of saying thanks for all she does for you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate, heck, even a delicious homemade mac & cheese recipe would be great! Or try incorporating her favorite foods into a unique dish that’ll please her palate.

2.Get outside

Spring is in full swing on May 13th (though it may still be cold in some areas!), and nothing says ‘I love you’ like spending some quality one-on-one time with your mom outside. Invite her on a nature walk or a bike ride, where you can enjoy the outdoors, take in some fresh air and just chat!

3.Make a video

There’s a world of technology out there that you can harness to create a beautiful and impactful gift for your mom. There are even apps like Animoto where you just upload a few pictures or video clips and it automatically adds effects and music for a beautiful, tear-jerking masterpiece in minutes! Or you can go old school and scan old photos onto the computer or convert old home videos into digital files and create a slideshow or video using iMovie, PowerPoint or even free online software or app. Your mom will love that she can rewatch the creation over the years, and, of course, she’ll think of you every time!

4.Send your mother a sweet treat in the mail

Is your mom a pro at making delicious desserts? Turn the tables and treat her to her own sweet treat! That secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies? Perfection. If you can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day (or even if you can, cause who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail!), bake her favorite treats and mail them to her to show your appreciation.

5.Make a care package!

Your mom’s always there for you when you’re sick. So take care of her for a change. Make a sick-day cold care package for your mom stuffed to the brim with her favorite essentials: teas, hot chocolate, lotion tissues, scented hand sanitizers, eye masks, hot water bottles, cozy socks and blankets, her favorite books and movies, chicken soup, bath salts...whatever you can think of to help your mom take care of herself and get back to health! Of course, no sick-day cold care package is complete without Cold-EEZE!

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