Five Times Grandparents Were Just Too Amazing

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National Grandparents Day is fast approaching! Grandparents are such a strong and beautiful part of many of our lives we want to make sure that we’re always able to take advantage of some quality time with family. But with cold season starting up, you might have started to detect a few cold symptoms. Itchy throat? Congestion or a sneeze here or there? Don’t let a cold spoil that quality time! Catch it early!

In the spirit of celebrating grandparents, we’ve scoured the internet to discover five stories of grandparents being their fantastic selves. Let these stories be joyful reminders of how wonderful grandparents are, and serve as encouragement to take care of yourself so you can enjoy time together! Read what we found, and share your stories with us as well, using #HappyGrandparentsDay and tagging @ColdEEZE!

1. Always There With The Advice

Our grandparents have seen a lot in their time. We’ve got plenty to learn from them, and they have plenty of guidance to pass along to us. Sometimes they even have classic cold remedies or treatments! Here are some pieces of advice that grandparents across the U.S. passed down to their grandchildren.

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2. A Treehouse Just Wasn’t Ambitious Enough

Who can spoil kids as fantastically as grandparents? The answer is: no one. Steve and Jeri Wakefield are two grandparents setting quite the bar for all would-be architects and builders. These grandparents built a Bavarian-style treehouse mansion for their grandchildren, complete with multiple stories, staircases, a climbing wall, rope ladder, zip line and a suspension bridge. The tree house even sports air-conditioning and electricity, and includes two decks and two lofts for sleeping. Now that the Wakefields’ grandkids are grown, they let neighborhood children play in the treehouse. These grandparents are stars!

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3. Eternal Devotion.

Love can be a fickle thing, but many of our grandparents have been showing us how it's done for years. They just always seem to know how to love each other best. We could all take a note from these grandparents' playbooks: a tall, American soldier and a headstrong, young french village woman meet in times of war, survive the Depression and build a lovely 50 year story of hardship, devotion and love!

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4. The ICU Grandpa

Our grandparents often serve as inspiring examples for us! Many grandparents have so much love to share, it spills over to a sea of others beyond their own grandchildren. David Deutchman is one of these grandpas.

David has made himself “grandpa” to countless families at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, where he spends days in the pediatric and neonatal ICUs, holding babies and helping their parents. Beyond the obvious kindness and positivity this brings into new parents’ lives, Elizabeth Mittiga, a NICU nurse at Children’s, says that cradling fragile babies has been shown to actually improve their health. You go, David. Keep doing your loving-grandparent thing.

5. Sometimes, Even A Cold Can’t Keep You From Grandma

Nothing can keep grandparents from loving on their grandkids! Not even the risk of catching a cold. This grandmother was determined to spend time with her grandkids when they visited, even if it meant risking catching their virus. Of course, when the kids left, both she and her husband got sick!

Whoops. We hope they got better quickly! No one wants a silly cold to keep them or their kids from their grandparents, and many grandparents would never say no to a chance to see their grandkids. So don’t forget to use Cold-EEZE to shorten those colds faster*, making more time for fun with grandma and grandpa, and less time worrying about the risk of sharing your cold in addition to your love!

What are your stories about grandparents being amazing? We want to hear them! Share your stories with us on social media, using #HappyGrandparentsDay and tagging @ColdEEZE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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