How to Make a Healthy College Care Package for Finals

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Finals. The word that inspires dread in the minds of college students nationwide. Final exams mean pulling all-nighters, skipping meals, and throwing personal hygiene, such as hand-washing, to the wind. And as soon as this harrowing week is over, the sickness can hit, and sometimes it can hit hard. If you have a child (or a friend!) who is facing the horror of impending doom known as “finals”, there's no better time to send them healthy college care packages! But don’t fall into the same-old rut of stuffing a shoebox full of tissues and random drugstore finds that lack any true thought or meaning. Take a more creative approach by including innovative and fun cold remedies and stress relievers! To make your life just a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of eight creative items to include in your healthy college “cold-care” care package. No matter how stressful finals week is, this care package will definitely bring a smile to your college student’s face.

1. Handy nasal strips - breathe better, sleep better!

Handy nasal strips

What little sleep a student gets during this time will be essential! Help them get it with a pack of nighttime nasal strips that relieve nasal congestion caused by colds so they can (hopefully!) get a full eight hours of sleep before the big test.

2. Salubrious tea packets - for soothing and healing!

Salubrious tea packets

Drinking tea can help to alleviate cold symptoms and reduce throat inflammation as well as having a soothing effect. Herbal tea with Echinacea is great to sip on while studying. Make sure to include lots of tea bags for the practical student, or send some quality loose leaf with a fun infuser like one of these for the more design-conscious or fun-loving students!

3. Rejuvenating lip balm - for lip hydration!

Rejuvenating lip balm

Sleeping with your mouth open due to congestion, coughing, and dehydration can all lead to chapped lips. Find a lip balm that focuses on rehydration to ease your child’s lips, such as Vaseline Lip Therapy.

4. Funky eye mask - for some effective shut-eye!

Funky eye mask

It’s tough to get shut-eye in a dorm with so much constant activity, especially with night owl roommates, but sleep deprivation is detrimental to the immune system. Send your child a quirky eye mask like this one to add some humor to their wardrobe while helping them to sleep through almost anything.

5. Lavender-scented teddy bear - the perfect soothing sleep aid!

Lavender scented teddy bear

The scent of lavender may improve concentration and sleep quality as well as lessen anxiety. Getting plenty of sleep before and after exams is crucial for your student’s health, and a cute stuffed animal scented with lavender may help them to sleep better. Best of all, some can even be microwaved so that they are warm to the touch!

6. Essential oils diffuser - for some healthy essential oil therapy

Essential oils diffuser

Not a fan of lavender or think a stuffed animal isn’t right for your kid? Send another relaxing scent! Each scent has different potential benefits, for instance, peppermint may increase focus and eucalyptus may help with congestion. Consider a portable diffuser so that your student can move it around their dorm room with ease.

7. Comfortable fuzzy socks - to keep the toes warm and cozy

Comfortable fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are not only some of the most comfortable apparel known to mankind, but they also can help your college student to sleep better when sick because the warmth of wearing socks to bed may lead to signals to the brain to prepare for sleep! Who knew! With exams on their mind, your kid will both mentally and physically appreciate every extra minute of sleep they can get.

8. Cold-EEZE - to shorten your cold!

Cold-EEZE - to shorten your cold!

Don’t forget to include Cold-EEZE Zinc Cold Remedy Lozenges! Cold-EEZE Lozenges have been shown to shorten the length of a cold and reduce the severity of symptoms, allowing your child to bounce back in time to ace their exams!

These “cold-care” package goodies will have your college student out of bed and back in the library in no time. Got any suggestions of your own for a personalized “cold-care” college finals package? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

These “cold-care” package goodies will have your college student out of bed and back in the library in no time. Got any suggestions of your own for a personalized “cold-care” college finals package? Let us know on Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

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