Five July Fourth Fun Facts We Didn’t Know About Until We Looked It Up!

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In our opinion, holidays don’t get much better than July 4th: the sun is (usually) shining, summer is in full swing, it’s a day off work to celebrate with family and friends… and there’s no pressure of having to look for gifts! So what new things are there to say about such a simply enjoyable holiday? Well, it turns out… there are quite a few. Check out this list of the top 5 facts we didn’t know about July 4th—until we looked them up!

  1. July 4th might not um, not actually be the day the Declaration was signed
    July 4th, 1776 is supposedly the day that Congress signed the Declaration of Independence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin all said they’d signed it that day. But, historians begged to differ. Most have decided that it was signed on August 2 (?!). We’re all for this new info—in fact, we think August 2nd should be named a national holiday, too! (Source: Wikipedia)

  2. Crazy coincidences
    Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the exact same day July 4th, 1826! It was exactly 50 years after the Declaration was (supposedly!) first signed. What are the chances?! (Source: Wikipedia)

  3. We’re not the only ones who like our flags…
    In 2010, the value of US flags imported to the US was $3 million. These were mostly made in China. But the value of US flags exported amounted to almost $1 million! Our biggest customer? Our neighbors to the south… Mexico spent over $300k on US flags! (Source: Washington Post)

  4. Where’d ya get that burger?
    If you’re noshing down on a delicious beef delicacy this weekend, the odds are good that it came from the Lone Star State. Texas accounted for 1/6 of the nation’s cattle production—they churned out over 18 million pounds of it last year! Also: 150 million hot dogs are eaten annually every July 4th in America… That’s a lotta dogs. Are you a hot dog or a burger loyalist? (Source: Washington Post)

  5. Guess that patriotic city…
    We’ve got a lot of patriotism floating around this country… but we bet you didn’t even realize how much! There are towns named after all of these words—and in a few cases, more than a few places! We dare you to try to put them in order of most popular (and populous). Here goes: 1) Independence; 2) Patriot; 3) America; 4) Liberty 5) Freedom. (Source: Washington Post)
    The answers?: Liberty wins, with 31 places! Independence is next, with 11; there are nine places with Freedom in the name and five more with "America"; and Patriot rounds out the list with tiny Patriot, Indiana, population 202!

As you can see, this holiday is full of surprises! Tell us, which of these fun facts surprised you most? Which one will you bust out as you chomp on your corn or chow down your burger? Do you have any July 4th trivia up your sleeve?