Five Talks to Get You Well Sooner!

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If you’re trapped inside with a spring cold, don’t despair! We’ve gathered some of our favorite speeches available online. Whether they inform you, amuse you, or pump you up, we bet that by the time you finish watching them, you’ll feel almost well enough to go into work, make lunch for your family, drive the kids to school… almost. 😉

Sandra Bullock – All About Steve Razzie Speech

Last year, Sandra Bullock famously won the Oscar for her starring role in The Blind Side… and a Razzie for worst actress in All About Steve! Amazingly, she went in person to retrieve the annual award. After watching her acceptance speech, we were won over by her good nature and great sense of humor. Check it out to see if you agree!

Elizabeth Gilbert – Ted Talk

We are huge Eat, Pray, Love fans and would bet that Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of eating in Italy, meditating in India, and finding love in Indonesia struck a chord with some of you, too! We couldn’t wait to see what Gilbert had to say in a Ted Talk (an annual, California-based lecture series in which many kinds of thinkers deliver brief talks). She touches on the pressures of following up a huge hit like EPL (which she did with last year’s Committed), and uses that as a thought-provoking jumping-off point to explore how society approaches the idea of inspiration and genius.

Remember the Titans Inspirational Gettysburg Speech

Some of the best scenes from sports movies don’t even involve the games. We love this scene from Remember the Titans, in which Denzel Washington makes his case for team unity after racial tensions threaten to divide them. His speech is eloquent, the Gettysburg backdrop is stunning and, well, wouldn’t you want Denzel for your coach?

Love Actually “To me, you are perfect”

It might be a seasonal movie, but we confess—we’re year-round suckers for Love Actually. There’s no actual talking in this “speech”… but it sure is feel-good, so we couldn’t resist including it! Can you guess which scene we’re talking about?!

The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

In 2007 Randy Pausch, a 47-year-old professor recently diagnosed with a terminal cancer, delivered his “last lecture” at his college that riveted the country and the world. We can’t get over his optimism and love his idea that if you let them, people will surprise you in the best ways. So check it out – not only will this help put things in perspective, it may inspire you, too! Please chime in on the comments section about which of his points you found the most motivating. You can also get the book version!

We hope that these talks help you pass some dreary sick-day hours, and that they make you smile, laugh, think…or get out that well-worn DVD of Love Actually, as it did for us!

So tell us, which of these speeches were your favorite? What sort of ‘talks’ do you like to listen to when you are sick?