The Best Times To Take Zinc Gluconate for Colds

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For Best Results:

  • Cold-EEZE® treatment should begin as soon as possible when the very first symptoms of a cold start to appear, such as scratchy or sore throat, coughing, stuffiness, etc.
  • Completely dissolve a Cold-EEZE® lozenge in your mouth. Do not chew. Repeat every 2 to 4 hours as needed.
  • The recommended daily dosage is 6 lozenges per day, which means an 18 count bag/box is a 3-day supply of Cold-EEZE® for adults.

Sugar Free Throat Lozenges

Sugar Free Lozenges

Sugar Free Cold-EEZE lozenges are designed for health conscious consumers looking to limit their calorie and carbohydrate intake.

Sugar Free Cold-EEZE lozenges contain Isomalt, a sugar alcohol, that contains about half the calories of sugar and other carbohydrates. Isomalt is not a sugar replacement and does not contain any alcohol.

Sugar alcohols may raise blood glucose levels and are not recommended for people with Diabetes.

Diabetics should consult their health care professional before taking Sugar Free Cold-EEZE lozenges. For more information on diabetic safe Cold-EEZE products, click here.