Happy Mother’s Day!

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Last week, on our Facebook page, we launched one of our most popular contests ever—the “Call Your Mother!” Contest, where we asked fans to share about their mom’s unique phone habits.

We asked fans to fill in the blank:

“When I’m on the phone with my mom, she always_______!”

Each day, the five fans who sent in the funniest, sweetest, and/or most original answers won a gourmet cookie basket to present to their mom on Mother’s Day.

The grand prize winner got a $500 Amex card to send Mom on a fantastic shopping spree!

The huge response we got from the online community once again proves how wonderful and involved Cold-EEZE fans are (as if we need proof! ;)). It also shows how much our fans are dedicated to their beautiful moms!

We were not only impressed with your dedication, we were also wowed by the range of responses; from creative and poignant to just plain laugh-out-loud funny.

Check ’em out below!


Our Grand Prize Winner was Jennifer K., whose response, we thought, cut right to the heart of what makes moms so important and why we should set aside (at least!) one day a year to honor them.

And there you have it – so many great answers from such a great fan-base. Thanks again to ALL those who participated, and we hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Please chime in here and on our Facebook Page about what you’ll be doing to celebrate that special woman in your life who always ________ on the phone!