How Cold-EEZE Works

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Over the past few years, we’ve been excited to get to know the thousands of Cold-EEZE lovers who believe in our lozenges, and the power of zinc gluconate. One of the things we like best about Cold-EEZE fans is that they’re an inquisitive bunch, and sometimes want to know even more about our lozenges. And of course, that’s a topic that we’re always willing to go into more detail about! So, whether you’re an advocate, or are thinking of trying us out, we’re glad you’re curious to know the science behind our winning formula. We really believe that the proven science behind our product sets us apart – and hopefully after reading this, you will agree ;).

At the core of Cold-EEZE’s winning formula, as you probably know by now, is zinc gluconate. To understand how our zinc cold remedy works, you need to know this about the human cold virus: scientists believe that it begins by attaching to receptors in your upper respiratory tract. This is where Zinc gluconate—your cold’s kryptonite—steps in. Zinc gluconate also attaches to the same receptors. Scientific studies suggest that free zinc ions, which are released in all Cold-EEZE formulas, inhibit the cold virus’ ability to replicate, shortening the duration of the common cold. That’s why you should pop a Cold-EEZE lozenge or spray twice with the Cold-EEZE Oral Spray whenever your cold symptoms first appear—so that the free zinc ions can get to work right away in shortening your cold– we’re treating the problem, not just the symptoms!

Despite the magic of zinc, having this product in a lozenge is not enough to make it an effective cold-fighter. Rather, the exact balance of ingredients is extra important, because if the zinc ion availability is low, your cold lozenge can’t work as effectively. So unlike some other cold products that may have ingredients that bind to the zinc, we make sure to avoid any ingredients that may interfere with the release of zinc ions.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it! We’ve been excited over the past few years to see zinc gluconate lozenges validated by several clinical studies, including studies at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Dartmouth College.

Let’s be honest: when we’re struggling with sickness and pop a cold-treatment, the most important thing in that moment isn’t how it works, it’s that it works – period. We’re very proud to produce a product that so many of you believe in, and we hope that we provided you just a little more insight into why Cold-EEZE is so effective at fighting your colds, one sniffle at a time!