Introducing the Cold-EEZE Ultimate Care Package

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck in bed with a nasty cold during the holiday season. Your throat hurts, your nose is running, and you’re down for the count when you least want to be. With the December holidays—and cold season—approaching, Cold-EEZE wanted to find another way to help you get well sooner! So we had a contest on our Facebook page, asking our fans what they would include in their best, Get-Well-Sooner, Ultimate Care Package. We were thrilled by their creativity and sheer number of responses.

Picking only two winners was tough, because we were flooded with great entries! One Cold-EEZE fan asked for an iPhone so they could call their mom. It seems that no matter how old you are, there’s something universal about wanting your mom nearby when you’re sick. On the other hand, many of the moms who entered shared a common Get Well Sooner goal—keeping their kids busy. This meant video games, DVDs, toys that didn’t make noise, and snacks that won’t have their kids bouncing off the walls.

Another popular choice was the request for e-book readers loaded with the person’s favorite books – and sometimes their guilty pleasures. One fan revealed that she had a weakness for Young Adult vampire and fairy novels… I guess we’re not the only grown-up Twilight fans around!

Our fans didn’t settle for plain old chicken noodle soup, either. They asked for free-trade coffee and New England-style creamy crab and lobster dip with crackers. One said if they did eat soup, they’d need a Super Hero spoon with pose-able arms and legs to keep them smiling. And for dessert, why not just indulge with some baklava? As one fan put it, “everything has zero calories when you are sick.”

But with all that said, two of our loyal Facebook fans, Kevin and Sandy, impressed our judges with their fun and creative ideas and won their “Cold-EEZE Ultimate Care Package”—stuffed to the brim with self-selected goodies for the next time the common cold strikes.

Sandy’s care package was stocked with items to keep her family occupied—like a video game for her kids and a trip to the home repair store for her husband—so she could rest up in bed, reading a good book, or doing some online holiday shopping. With six kids, we’re sure she could use the extra time!

Kevin, on the other hand, said the newest video game console would do the trick for him, by killing his boredom and getting him moving. Like Sandy, he wanted to distract those around him, as well. Otherwise, he explained, his girlfriend would make him rest all day! Problem solved with a music gift card and CDs for her.

Thanks so much to all who contributed. And to those that didn’t send in their entries, we still want to know: what’s the best item you’ve ever received in a care package?