Inventions so Crazy, You’ll Forget All About your Cold!

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Whether it’s too many “May showers”, a pesky a cold or allergies bringing you down, or just because, a good laugh is never out of place. So we hunted around for inventions that were so funny, off-kilter, or oddly clever that they’d jolt us out of any doldrum!

Love your pets? Us too. But the way we feel might not begin to compare to how this inventor seemed to feel about his! He took out a patent for an aquarium…tub! It’s designed so that your fish can swim on a separate, outer layer of the tub—almost as though you’re swimming with them (or from a different perspective, that they’re bathing with you!).

This patent was filed in the early ’80s, but there’s a modern version!

Would you want to bathe with your fish?

Not long ago, a man in rural England, armed only with a metal detector, uncovered a whole lot of gold armor that was over a thousand years old (seriously!). But you might have had a better chance of uncovering that treasure if you’d made the fashion-forward choice of strapping on these bold flip flops before hitting the town!

Metal Detector – photo courtesy – Sfllaw – Creative Commons

It’s definitely uncomfortable to have an itch you just can’t reach. And when you can’t even describe it to a friend so they can help you out, then you’re really in a bind. But fear not! Those itchy-backed days are over with the invention of the backscratcher grid T-shirt that lends a whole new meaning to “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”! (via Sayesha On the Rocks)

For all of the long-locked women among us who love soup but never eat it for fear of getting their hair wet (we know, it’s a stretch), here is an invention that you’ll love: a hair protector to keep your locks dry while you consume your broth. Just fasten it on and eat all the soup your heart desires! And hey, you know chicken noodle soup might help fight colds, so it’s doubly-useful! (via Gizmodo)

Chick Soup – photo courtesy WorthTheWhisk – Creative Commons

Yes, we’ve all had really bad, can’t-stop-coughing, nose-is-running-like-crazy colds. And while we’ve got some favorite techniques for warding off illness, we can’t help but smile at this crazy invention that addresses the issue of what to do when you’re already sick, and simply can’t find a tissue anywhere!
(via Ezzal-Weird Japaneeze Crazy Inventions)

Which inventions did you find crazy? Love? Find so crazy that you loved? Did this post get your own inventor wheels spinning?

What would you design that would make your life easier, simpler, or just more fun?



Share Your Cold-EEZE Moments!

Cold-EEZE fans share our love for that special zinc lozenge that can help reduce our “cold time”, but we each have our unique Cold-EEZE stories. Here, we give you an opportunity to get to know your fellow fans and their unique Cold-EEZE moments.

Share your on moments in the comments below, or on our Facebook Page with other Cold-EEZE fans like you!

Occupational hazards

Cold-EEZE fan Lori P. really knows about the challenges of being sick while around children. As a former kindergarten teacher, she tells us,

“I loved my students but they brought me joy and lots of germs! [I was] miserable with my cold meds making me sleepy and sluggish at work. Then I found Cold-EEZE!!” Finally, she shares, “I could give my kids my full attention without all the cold medication.”

Jeremy L. explains that he is an IT guy who works on tons of computers every day.

“Any idea how many germs I come across touching those sneeze and cough covered computers?” Yikes! “I love Cold-EEZE because it helps me feel better quicker and since I have to work no matter how I feel. I couldn’t function without Cold-EEZE. Thanks for being there when I need you!”

Makes you think about cleaning up the computer that you’re on right now, doesn’t it?!

Joelle C. with her Cold-EEEZE!

And while it’s certainly never fun to have a cold on the job, our fan Joelle C., really can’t afford to. As a professional performer and voice teacher, getting a cold directly impacts her job. Her solution?

“Whenever I feel my throat getting scratchy I start taking at least one or two Cold-EEZE a day. I’ve never missed a show thanks to Cold-EEZE. My students can all boast the same results. Thanks to Cold-EEZE for helping ensure the show always goes on.”

Joelle C., the show goes on!

Thanks to all of our fans for telling us their wonderful stories! We hope you’ll be inspired by these to share yours below and on our Facebook Page. How did you and Cold-EEZE first meet? Did a friend introduce you? Was it love at first sight or a slow crescendo? Now that you’re hooked, are you loyal to one particular flavor?

And, stay tuned for more Cold-EEZE Moments!