Is Your Work Environment Making You Sick?

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If you find yourself continuously experiencing signs of a cold in the winter, you might not have to look any further than your work space. A number of things can lead to an unhealthy work place but experts agree that long hours, high stress and negative work environments contribute to unhealthy jobs.

The folks at took a look at some healthy professions and extracted the healthiest qualities of each. Some of these professions, according to the article, include activity specialists, chiropractors, choreographers, florists, massage therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, professors, running coaches and yoga instructors. We therefore recommend taking healthy aspects of those careers and trying to find ways that you can incorporate such relevant practices into your work place.

Via mscaprikell on Flickr Creative Commons

The Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy team shares some of these healthy work qualities, as well as tips on how you can incorporate them into your everyday work regimen, no matter where you work! With these tips you can start to make your current workplace a healthier, more positive environment that could reduce the likelihood of the common cold and other illnesses and benefit your overall quality of life.

    • Think about what you’re eating. It is time to get rid of the idea that you simply “don’t have the time” to take care of yourself or worry about your diet. Take the Personal Trainers for example. Even though they spend their days exercising, they take time to think about what they are putting in their bodies to be in the best shape possible. Read nutrition labels and really see what you are putting in your body. Make it easier by bringing your lunch, stocking your drawers with healthy snacks and getting rid of anything that may tempt you.


    • Surround yourself with beauty. Florists are surrounded by beauty all day long and allow themselves to be inspired by the nature around them. Just because you are not a florist or a landscaper, does not mean you can’t be inspired by nature as well. Allow yourself to be inspired by your workplace surroundings and replace those drab gray walls with images of things you find beautiful or relaxing. Keep your workspace uncluttered and get some simple, pretty flowers each week in a small vase on your desk. It may also help to add some family photos or items you love to make you feel more at home, comfortable and less stressed.


    • Craft a healthy lifestyle outside of the office. Chiropractors and Nutritionists focus on long-term overall well-being and living a healthy lifestyle versus a short-term New Year resolution that often lasts only a mere two weeks after the holiday. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. By creating a healthy lifestyle outside of the office, it becomes easier to transfer these healthy habits into your daily work routine as well.


  • Work as a team. Choreographers are always working with a team. If one person succeeds, you all succeed and it makes achieving your goals that much more rewarding. At work, try to create more group projects so you can depend on each other and not take the entire load of stress by yourself. Team projects can also help build office morale and create a more productive work environment.

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