Jeremy Abbott Interview – Your Favorite Improv-Ice Performer!

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It was way back in November when we first announced Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice. It’s now March and we have been able to check out the show on NBC and Hallmark Channel, and watch a lot of other incredible skating shows as well. But one of the most exciting times in these last few months was counting the nationwide votes for favorite Improv-Ice performance.

It was a close one, but your votes revealed that the very talented Jeremy Abbott is the favorite Improv-Ice performer! His rendition of Jukebox hero obviously electrified the stadium and thrilled us, too. It makes us want to get up and dance – or skate. If only we could skate like Jeremy!

If you missed the performance, see for yourself right here!

Luckily, we were able to get even more of off-the-cuff Jeremy—he agreed to answer a few Cold-EEZE questions just for you. So, for those fans out there who voted for him, we’re sure you’ll love this little one-on-one. And for those who aren’t yet Jeremy converts, you might just become one after checking out what he is all about.

What is a typical day in the life of Jeremy Abbott?
A typical day in my life is really pretty boring. I wake up at the same time every morning. I make breakfast, pack a lunch, and head to the rink to skate for the day and have some form of off ice work. Either dance class or strength training. Then it’s home to watch a bit of television and eat dinner. Rinse and repeat!

What was your favorite part about participating in Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice?
I really enjoyed the spontaneity and creativity of it. It was incredibly challenging having to create credible programs on the spot.

As an athlete who works in freezing temperature all the time, what are some ways you stay healthy and cold-free?
I try to get lots of rest, and make sure to be hydrated. I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer. Of course if I do happen to catch a cold I make sure to use Cold-EEZE 😉

Who are the young skater “raising stars” you are most excited about?
There is lots of young talent emerging all over the world and it’s very exciting to watch these kids grow and develop. My favorites are always the ones who are mindful that our sport is an art form as well. Jumps are exciting, but everyone has to do them. The kids that can skate and have great sense of movement and interesting choreography are the ones I get most excited about.

Jeremy is not only an accomplishment skater, he is also involved in his community – an example we find totally inspiring. He once remarked before winning the Junior National title “Stranger things could happen; pigs could fly!” This slogan became the face of his Pigs Can Fly charity, an organization that gives back to young male skaters who are struggling to pay coaching fees, ice time and competition fees. So we had to ask him about this unique symbol and what it means to him.

It means that anything is possible. It’s a message that I want to convey to any child that is beginning in skating. Things are always difficult but if you believe in your dreams and you work hard enough you can make incredible things happen.

What are a few things your fans may not know about you?
I don’t know. I think social networking has sort of taken away any bit of mystery that I may have had.

What inspires you?
I try to draw inspiration from everywhere. Art, fashion, literature, pop culture, other athletes, and even my own competitors. I’ve found some of the most amazing quotes from some of the silliest of people. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

And we certainly will, especially if it means we’ll be the first to hear about Jeremy’s upcoming events. We’re hoping to see some more of his improv moves in the very near future. It may be a long shot, but hey—stranger things could happen. Pigs could fly!

Tell us, why are you all Jeremy Abbott fans? What did you like most about the interview?