July Fan of the Month: Esmer G.

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If you’ve visited our Facebook page sometime in the past few months, chances are that you’ll recognize Esmer Garza’s name—she is always involved and her contributions and comments make our online community that much more fun, supportive, and interactive. She always supports us, and the entire community, so now it’s our turn to put the spotlight on her! We’re pleased to introduce Esmer Garza, grandmother, teacher, and Cold-EEZE super-fan!

Name/nickname: Esmer C. Garza

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor? Cherry.

Tell us your favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story: My favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story is, when I was too sick to talk. I’m a preschool teacher and I need my voice. I couldn’t believe Cold-EEZE soothed my throat enough to save the day and helped me get better sooner to boot. I love Cold-EEZE!

What’s your sick day style? My sick day style is keeping busy all day but making sure to keep Cold-EEZE handy for a quicker recovery. I’m just a busy person by nature, so I have no time to be sick.

Favorite comfort book: The Secret—it’s a great read.

Favorite comfort movie: “Hope Floats,” I love that movie!

Your favorite way to stay healthy: My favorite way to stay healthy is swimming with my granddaughter; I swear I’m growing gills. Ha!

Tip for a fan suffering from a cold: My tip to a fan suffering from a cold would be to please try Cold-EEZE! It really works and tastes great. I suggest always keeping some in your purse, desk drawer, or glove compartment, that way you always have one handy.

Most fun blog that you love to read: I like to read other Cold-EEZE fans’ comments [on Facebook]. It’s great to get tips and ideas on how they use such a great product.

Tell us a funny anecdote that showcases your personality: I’m the type of person that ponders questions like: Why is it that when someone asks; “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one thing you would ask for?” and no one answers: A BOAT??!!

Job/favorite role in life: My favorite role in my life would definitely be a Grandmother to my only grandchild Kiani Chanel. Being a mother to my daughter Audrey was fun but boy am I really enjoying being a grandmother. Pre-school teacher is fun too.

Favorite place you’ve been so far, next place you are hoping to go: Disneyland in Anaheim, California as a teen. I pray I get to take my daughter and granddaughter there one day.

Best part about the Cold-EEZE community: The best part about the Cold-EEZE community is the feeling of being a part of a networking family. I am truly blessed to count the Cold-EEZE community as great friends. Thank you all.

Thank you, Esmer, for all of your contributions—it helps make Cold-EEZE that much more of a comforting, fun and supportive community. We love all of our fans’ contributions!

Tell us: do you—like Esmer—have a favorite place that you visited as a kid that you can’t wait to share with someone special in your life? And if so, where is it?