Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

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The very word “spring” puts a smile on just about anyone’s face. But mention “spring cleaning” and even the most cheerful among us begin to frown. Here at the Cold-EEZE team, we think spring cleaning has gotten a bad rap. As daunting as the task can sound, it’s the best way to spring into the summer season! This way, your warm-weather clothes are at the front of your closet, you’re not surrounded by clutter, and you’re at your healthiest just when you want to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather! And of course, we like to do this as healthfully as possible. To make this seemingly monumental task a little more manageable, we’ve put this into a five-step program so that you will be able to manage it a little better. Below, our tips for healthy spring cleaning, Cold-EEZE style!

1. Set a Manageable Goal
Before you even contemplate turning your house upside down, sit back, take a deep breath, and think about what you want to accomplish. Being able to find your shorts? Having everything feel less cluttered? Entertaining in a spic-and-span house? It’s important to set out your goals, so you can create a checklist of how you’ll be able to accomplish them! Next, set up a realistic, manageable schedule that breaks down this goal into smaller tasks on a day-by-day basis. “Cleaning out the fridge” sounds a lot less anxiety-inducing than “completely clean out my entire living space.” Right?

2. Check Out These All-Natural Spring Cleaning Products
Next, make sure that you’re working with the right products. Make sure you have everything you need on hand to tackle even the most intimidating dust, soap scum, or grease. We suggest trying some of these all natural solutions from Real Simple.

3. Tackle That Kitchen
First things first: check your burners and exhaust fan, and clean both of those, as you accrue tiny portions of chemical by-products from the food (particularly meat) that you cook throughout the year. Clear out the areas that see a ton of food action: clean the refrigerator of any products that may be older or going bad, and scrub down the shelves with baking soda… As a last step, run the dishwasher once on empty, with baking soda or vinegar, so that you can really clear it out well!

4. No Dirt in This Bathroom!
Your main enemy in the bathroom is mold, which tends to sprout in humid places and can cause allergic reactions. To make sure that this isn’t the case, first scrub the grout on your bathroom floors. To remove the stubborn hard to reach grime in the corners of your shower, dip a cotton ball in bleach and place one in each corner to sit for 15 minutes. Like magic the grime is gone – no elbow grease needed here! Next, gently wash the shower curtains (just throw into the wash for five minutes on the “gentle” setting); and comb the walls of your bathroom for mold. If you find some mold, however, clean with a solution of 1 cup liquid bleach, and 1 gallon of water. Make sure to wear rubber gloves, and keep the window open!

5. Sleep in the Clean!
Attack the dust bunnies! Dust is the ultimate buildup in bedrooms, it clings to soft fabrics (ahem, curtains, blankets, pillows!). In addition to activating your allergies, dust can lead to cold or allergy-like symptoms. And let’s face it: that does not put anyone in a beach-going mood. So what to do? Strip everything down and send it through the washer. While your fabrics are soaking and tumbling, breakout an old sock as your dust rag – nothing works better to get into hard to reach dusty areas. Lastly, dust bunnies love to hide under the bed – take the time to move your bed from its stagnant state and give a good sweep/vacuum. You might be surprised what you find under there – is that where all the lost socks go?

Tell us, what’s your first step in clearing your clutter and ushering in the summer season?