June Fan of the Month: Joelle

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Our June Fan of the Month is a former opera singer and model, a mom to a three-year-old—and an author whose most recent book in her skating mystery series hits shelves this September!. Despite all of her professional hats, she says she still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she “grows up!” This comment says a lot about Joelle: energetic and multitalented, she has a youthful spirit and great sense of humor to boot. But don’t take our word for it—read on to learn more about this Strawberries & Cream lovin’ Cold-EEZE fan, and hear about her secret stay-healthy weapon.

Name/nickname: Red. Although I also answer to “hey you.”

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor? Hands down Strawberry Cream is my favorite. I’m always bummed when my local store runs out.

Tell us your favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story: Only one? As a professional singer, I’ve had a number of occasions where I felt a cold coming on and couldn’t take a sick day. The show always has to go on. However, I think my favorite was when I was sick on the last week while performing Margot in The Desert Song. I could feel my voice started to disappear and started taking Cold-EEZE. (There was only Cherry flavored back then…) I sang every note that final weekend.

What’s your sick day style? I have a toddler at home, which means I don’t get to watch movies (unless you count Max and Ruby or Dora the Explorer) or stay in bed all day. I guess by necessity I am the “ignoring that I’m sick” type.

Favorite comfort book: When I’m feeling under the weather I tend to favor thrillers and mysteries. A great puzzle will always hold my attention no matter how sick I feel. You’ll probably find me curled up under a blanket with a book by Lisa Scottoline, Harlan Coben or Agatha Christie.

Favorite comfort movie: Die Hard or The Fugitive (Is that wrong?)

Your favorite way to stay healthy: Lots of laughter. Trust me – it really is the best medicine.

Tip to a fan suffering from a cold: As a singer, I have lots of them. Drink lots of water, take your Cold-EEZE, and if you are starting to feel hoarse try humming. It gently massages the vocal chords and helps keep the gook (yes that’s the medical term for it!) off them. It also keeps your vocal chords from tightening up during periods where you aren’t talking.

Tell us a funny anecdote: When I was in Grad School, I was performing an opera on a very slick stage. During a dance sequence, I slipped and ended up flat on my butt. I heard a couple of people in the audience (and even a few on stage) gasp. I shrugged, smiled and shimmied all the way back up to my feet. Both figuratively and literately, I often find myself on my rear, but I always dance my way back up.

Job and/or favorite role in life: I have yet to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Thus far I’ve been a model and opera/music theater performer, a private voice teacher and most recently I had my first comedic mystery series published by St. Martin’s Minotaur with several more on the way. However, my favorite and sometimes most exasperating role is being Mom to my energetic three-year-old.

Favorite place you’ve been so far, next place you are hoping to go: Paris – which is so very cliché, but I guess it’s cliché for a reason. As to where I hope I’m going next – well – does the Best Seller List count as a place to visit? If not, then Disney with the tot is probably the next “must-visit” place on my list.

Best part about the Cold-EEZE community: The Cold-EEZE community is personally invested in keeping people healthy and happy. What could be better than that?

We love Joelle’s “dance my way back up” philosophy—something useful to keep in mind, whether it’s hopping to your feet after falling down in a performance, or trying to stay positive when those lingering cold germs are getting you down. What are your mottos or words to live by?