Keep Your Heart Happy This Valentine’s Day!

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In our minds, V-Day creates a wonderful excuse to shower your loved ones with – well, love! And nobody—whether you’re single or coupled up—should be left out of the equation. This holiday is a celebration of love, simple as that, and that in and of itself is cause for celebration – not to mention lots of chocolate-eating! 😉 We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for how to pamper your heart this Valentine’s Day!

1. Start off the day with heart-healthy exercises. We all know by now that exercise is integral to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, so start your Valentine’s Day celebration right by doing some of these light, heart-healthy exercises. Forget New Year’s resolutions – that’s so January. On to V-Day Resolutions! Bonus: you can enjoy that extra bar of chocolate (or two ;)) later in the day, guilt-free!

2. Feel great – donate! – As those who participated in our “Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold” feature know, Cold-EEZE really values contributing to the community, and finding out the causes that are important to our fans. It’s a great way to stay involved and form meaningful connections. And even better, some studies have also shown that it has great health rewards for the person who is giving, too! So, what could be better this Valentine’s Day than making a donation? You could volunteer at a soup kitchen with someone you care about, make a donation in their name, or contribute to a cause that is important to them! Love is all about giving, so what better time to explore your giving options?

3. Make a beautiful card! – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about lavishing money on your significant other. Sometimes homemade really does say it best. If you’re the crafty kind, set aside a few minutes (and a few neat pieces of material) in the coming days to make one of these beautiful creations! In the era of email, homemade and handwritten cards are especially memorable and guaranteed to make an impression.

4. Cook to show you care – Nothing says I love you quite like cooking for someone. Our suggestion? Start with one-pot cooking – when you have a great ingredient list, it’s hard to go wrong! This dish couldn’t be more straightforward (or delicious). Best part? You get to treat yourself, along with the people you love!

5. Make sure you finish your day on a sweet note! If we had to say one thing that Valentine’s Day was known for, there’d be a universal answer, right? All together now: CHOC-O-LATE! And luckily for you – and your heart – dark chocolate is not only rich, smooth and delicious, it’s also loaded with flavonoids that help lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, and help improve blood flow to the heart and brain. So, yes, that’s right – you heard it here. Munch away. If you’re going to overindulge a little (and hey, it’s Valentine’s Day – we won’t tell!) why not indulge in something heart healthy?

We hope you’re having a healthy, happy winter, and a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Tell us: what’s your favorite heart-healthy trick? And favorite way to show your loved ones you care on Valentine’s Day?