Kissing is Contagious!

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Here at Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, when we discuss kissing, we’re usually referring to the contagious effects it has in passing along germs (yuck). However with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and with the effectiveness of Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy for combating the common cold, we figured it was safe to shift our thought process (for now) to the many joys of kissing instead!

After all, studies have shown that kissing does have some health benefits including boosting immune systems; a revved-up metabolism (your heart’s usually racing); and of course, overall improved mood and a decrease in stress levels.

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give you all a big, virtual kiss by passing along a list of our Top 5 Favorite Movie Kisses. Check them out below, maybe they’ll infect you with the urge to kiss someone!

1) My Girl – Ah puppy love. Anyone who takes the time to practice their kissing techniques on their own hand before planting the real deal on us is a keeper in our books.

2) Sixteen Candles – Even the worst of birthdays can be forgotten when the day ends with a kiss from your dream man over a birthday cake. We know we wouldn’t mind having that kind of birthday…

3) Clueless – There’s nothing quite like sitting at the top of the sweeping staircase in your family’s Beverly Hills mansion while kissing your ex-stepbrother…wait, what? While it sounds puzzling, the realization of affectionate feelings between Cher and Josh results in a kiss that leaves us craving for a sequel.

4) The Notebook – How could we possibly create a list of kisses without mentioning The Notebook? Never seen it? Well we can sum it up nicely with: Ryan Gosling, rain, and one now very-recognizable movie moment.

5) Gone With the Wind – Resistance doesn’t dissuade Rhett Butler in the least as he takes a defiant Scarlett O’Hara against a dulled orange background and plants a big one on her. One that she clearly doesn’t forget…and even after all these years, neither have we.

Tell us about some of your favorite movie makeouts by visiting the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Facebook Page or right here on the Get Well Sooner Blog and have a wonderful (and germ-free) Valentine’s Day!