Let Us Share Your Cause

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At Cold-EEZE, we are big believers in taking good care of oneself to stay healthy: we all deserve nourishing food, enough rest, and yes, a bit of pampering! We’ve also always believed that another important way to take care of yourself is by taking care of those around you—both your immediate family members and friends and those in your larger community. So back in September, we decided to launch our “Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold” program. The premise was simple: Cold-EEZE fans nominate their favorite charitable cause for a chance to win $1,000. We select five finalists, and the Cold-EEZE community votes on ’em—for the next 18 months!

A few months in, we are thrilled to say this program exceeded all of our expectations. Not only has it been a great way to involve ourselves in giving, the entire Cold-EEZE community is getting a chance to get to know the causes important to their fellow fans. The diverse and deeply deserving causes that you have nominated inspire us! Here is a recap of the winners from October through January:

Lulu’s Rescue – Lulu’s mission is to rescue healthy, loving animals that are on death row and give them a second chance at life. The rescue is committed to finding the best homes possible for the adorable animals that they save, so that they can lead happy and healthy lives.

North Clackamas Educational Foundation Buddy Backpack Program – The Backpack Buddy home puts food in the backpacks of underprivileged children every Friday with food. That way, they head into the weekend with some nourishment until they head back into school on Monday.

Hannah’s Home—Hannah’s home provides a center for young women in crisis, where they can receive an education, parenting and professional training—and much more—in a safe and loving environment.

Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch is an Arizona residential living facility aimed at providing a “whole”, well-rounded life to adults with Autism, by facilitating strong, nurturing relationships and positive learning experiences.

Thanks again to all of you for nominating your charities, voting for others, and generally being so thoughtful and amazing when it comes to paying attention to others in need. If you would like to nominate a cause or participate in voting for one, visit out Facebook page and view our “Share Your Cause” tab. Tell us, would you like to see more Cold-EEZE initiatives like this one? If so, how do you envision them?