Making Colds (at least a little) Fun

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Colds so often get the better of us. They make us sniffly, sickly and keep us trapped at home. So we felt it was time to give them a twist that could make them a little fun. We made a compilation of the top five best, guiltiest pleasure, songs that incorporate the word “cold” in the lyrics! Belt these songs out when you’re sick (a hairbrush-as-mic, pajama-clad karaoke performance) to help you pass the time, or when you’re feeling great (iPod on the way to work!) and celebrating that you’re not sick!

It’s possible that the most popular use of the word “cold” in songs is actually in reference to having a “cold heart.” After hearing this soulful Bon Jovi song, you might even agree that being in love with a harsh, hardened person is worse than being trapped at home, all sneezy and sore-throat-y. At least then Cold-EEZE can help you! (Sorry, we haven’t yet developed a lozenge that helps heal matters of the heart 😉 !)

How could we not include this catchy song from one of the pop scene’s reigning Princesses? She lets out her frustration with her unreliable lover, who’s up, then down, who’s wrong and then right, who’s hot and then—most unforgiveable of all—cold!

This down-home song by Jewel is about as real and unglam as it gets for a love song, covering all of the gory details of what it means to have a bad cold: “wipe my nose on my sleeve,” having a “sneezing storm.” Even so, it somehow manages to be a sweet ballad, proving in the end that what love actually means is, “I’d catch a cold with you any time.”

We love this folksy, inspirational song by Tracy Chapman. Chapman movingly describes the keys to success as hard work, dedication, and determination… and shows that they can even be accomplished when you’ve got (you knew it was coming) cold feet!

This lovely White Stripes song truly captures what it means to be caught out on a cold, cold night… and is haunting in a way that only a lingering cold can truly be!

Even though we’re talking about “cold” lyrics, we just couldn’t leave out the one band that is actually “cool” enough to have “cold” in their name. We’re talking about Coldplay, of course! This song doesn’t have “cold” in the lyrics, but it is called “Shiver”!

So, talk to us: which of these songs do you love? Cringe at? Can’t get out of your head? We’d love to hear some of your brilliant “cold” songs, so share ’em below!