Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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We all know that kids are a mom’s pride and joy – as one ProPhase Labs Mom said, “my loved ones can brighten up the darkest days and let in the sunshine!” – but once Mother’s Day rolls around, kids and dads alike repeatedly wrack their brains to figure out what to give the special women in their lives. This usually ends in a kitschy coffee mug with your face on it, a generic spice rack, or even cleaning supplies so that the “kids can finally help with chores.” Here at Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy, we like to make sure that our Mothers are getting the gifts they deserve – especially after helping us stay healthy all year long!

When asking some of the ProPhase Labs moms what they were hoping to get this Mother’s Day, we heard things like “being able to see all my daughters together and happy” and “to go out to brunch with my girls!” We know that it’s the thought that counts and being with our loved ones is always the perfect gift – but just in case, we put together a list of what we feel are some of the top gifts that Moms would like to receive from their families this holiday… along with breakfast in bed of course!

See more gift ideas on our Pinterest board!

See more gift ideas on our Pinterest board!

Traditional Gifts: You can’t go wrong with flowers this holiday but there are a few ways to make this traditional gift a little more special. 1-800-Flowers has their “Mother’s Day 12 Months of Gifts” program which will make Mom feel special and truly surprised for more than just one day. She could receive everything from chocolate covered strawberries to a beautiful bouquet of roses all year long.
At-Home Spa Day: Moms are always busy and have barely enough time to get their nails done, never mind spend a day at the spa. Let your Mom indulge in a little rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day with the Splish Splash Gift Set from Bath & Body Works. With a variety of scents and products, these gift sets will have Mom running to draw a warm bath – for herself, not for the kids!
Food for Thought: We think it’s safe to say that most Moms have a love for cooking. Whether it’s homemade soup or a three course meal, it always seems that a meal by Mom can’t be beat. If your Mother is looking to expand her cooking skills, a cooking class – like those at Sur La Table – will make for a fun (and delicious) gift this Mother’s Day!
For the Bookworm: It’s hard to believe, but Moms like to read books besides the ones that help put her little ones to sleep. If this sounds like your Mother, purchase a few books off of Oprah’s “16 Books Mom Will Love” list. Include a heart-felt note within the cover and you have a gift that’s just right for her!
Sweet Tooth: Like most women, Moms are bound to enjoy a sugary, chocolaty snack every now and then. If your Mom has a sweet tooth, a gift from Godiva is just what she needs. But, instead of the traditional heart-shaped box-of-chocolate that everyone resorts to, why not try a Chocolate Fondue Gift Set? This yummy and fun set has all of the necessary fondue accessories, including the Godiva Milk and Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate that we all love and can be used at any time!

If you know of any must-buy Mother’s Day gifts, make sure you share your ideas with the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy community by logging onto the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Facebook Page, helping the Cold-EEZE moms create a “mom-sourced” gift guide