November Fan of the Month, Allison

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It’s difficult to think of a fan that encapsulates more of Cold-EEZE’s values than our November Fan of the Month, Allison Scott. Where to begin? Well, for starters, Allison is a Cold-EEZE believer and involved community member. (We knew there was something we liked about her! ;)) She’s also deeply dedicated to healthy living. See what we mean about her values being in line with Cold-EEZE’s? And the overlap between Allison and Cold-EEZE doesn’t stop there: her son, Jeremy Abbott, is the defending champion of last year’s Cold-EEZE Improv Ice skating show! A Denver native and PR guru, Allison is pretty dynamic, and after getting to know her, we think you’ll have to agree.

Name/nickname: Allison Scott

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor? Cherry

Tell us your favorite Cold-EEZE saves the day story: My daughter was married in October in Estes Park, Colorado. In one day, as it usually happens around here, the weather went from 60 and sunny to a major dump of snow less than 12 hours before the ceremony. With all the excitement – and all the stress – sleep was a rare commodity.  I (think) I survived the wedding, but the day I returned to work, I had a TV crew coming in and I was sick as a dog (though I don’t own a dog so I’m not sure if that is an appropriate analogy). I stayed home for a day, started taking Cold-EEZE lozenges, and within 24 hours I was feeling better. At work, I am a department of one. I don’t have an assistant or anyone to effectively cover for me. I had to be better. Although it took me awhile to completely shake the “Colorado Crud,” if it weren’t for Cold-EEZE I would have been in a real “world of hurt.”

What’s your sick day style? (Movies all day? Running around and ignoring that you’re sick?): It’s difficult to have a “style” when you’re sick. I don’t think Mr. Blackwell would have approved of fuzzy slippers, a case of tissues, plaid pj’s and a heating pad as a fashion statement. That being said, my sick day style is to not be sick. I don’t have time. That’s why I keep Cold-EEZE at home and in my desk drawer. I’m not sure I ignore it; I am usually in denial.

Favorite comfort book: Anything by Anthony Bourdain

Favorite comfort movie: Amalie

Your favorite way to stay healthy: Washing my hands a LOT. Eating properly and exercise. And did I mention washing my hands – a lot?
Tip to a fan suffering from a cold: Don’t deny the symptoms. It’s better to take care of business early so you can keep on taking care of business. HOWEVER, if you are sick, stay home. Don’t share the “love” with your friends and co-workers.

Most fun blog that you love to read (besides your own): I’m a huge Bourdain fan, so his is probably my favorite. I love his writing, his vision and – yes – his total irreverence.

Tell us a funny anecdote that showcases your personality: I love puns. My father was a TV producer turned author so my love of words is genetic, I suppose. If you’re a skating parent, coach, judge or just what I call a “true fan,” you know that twisting words and meanings, double-entendres and even using allegories to make my point is the true measure of who I am. Humor is the great equalizer, and also the best teacher.

Job/Favorite role in life: I am a public relations professional by trade. My favorite role in life is being me. It’s the role of a lifetime with hopefully a long run. I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s.

Favorite place you’ve been so far, next place you are hoping to go: My favorite place so far was the 2010 Vancouver Olympics where my son was representing the USA. My next place will hopefully be the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. In between, who knows?

Best part about the Cold-EEZE community: I love the responsiveness. I am impressed by brand loyalty and what a company does to earn – and keep – it. Cold-EEZE engages in the conversation. They answer questions, address concerns and they offer pro-active advice on how to stay healthy. That’s a huge PLUS to me.

Thanks for your insight, Allison! One reason we love Allison’s blog, On the Edge of Skating, is that even when she discusses topics as unique as having Olympian skaters for kids, she focuses on issues that any Cold-EEZE parent might have: how to be gracious winners, what it means to have heroes, who hers are—and something as universally relatable as the slow weight gain that can happen to moms, and how to avoid it!! Be sure to check out her thoughts on these topics, and many more, at

Tell us: Does your child participate in athletics? How do you help teach them to be “good sports”?